Introduction: How to Dance CF

Hi, I’m Chloe Flolo. I have been in Competitive Dance for five years and won the Athletic All-State award my senior year of High School. I’m going to tell you steps on how to look like an expert dancer. You’re going to be a great dancer and everyone will love watching you dance. In 5 steps I will be telling you how to be a better dancer. A professional dancer hits every motion, and expresses while dancing how much they enjoy dancing. If you want to know how to reel in the judges, and your friends, keep reading.

Step 1: Memorization and Execution

First, to be a good dancer is memorization. Memorization is the basics of dancing as it is remembering the dance moves of the complete dance. After having the dance memorized, the next key step is to execute. To execute the dance, it means hitting every motion. Dancers need to be sharp on every movement. Being sharp is squeezing all of the muscles in the body to prevent flowing through a dance. This is the key difference between a good dancer and a bad/new dancer. If a dancer is not being tight its very noticeable. The professional dancers are very executed, while a new team would not be executed.

Step 2: Facails

Second, facials are very important. Facials are making faces while dancing to make the dance more intriguing while also executing every move. Facials can be smiling, making a kissy face, or even having the mouth open but with a smile, and with the eyebrows raised. Facials are what makes dancers seem like they are having a lot of fun while dancing because the facials are expressing it. This is what reals in the judges, and what makes them watch certain dancers because they will stand out and look like they are having fun.

Step 3: Prep

Next, is to know how to do turns. Anyone can still be a good dancer without turns, but in certain dances, turns are required. Turns are called, pirouettes and seconds. They both require different leg movements. First of all, a prep is needed. The prep to any and every turn is having the arms out (Right arm straight out in front, while the left arm is straight to the left). Then, the following step is to have the arms out then take a slight lunge with the left leg out. Do these instructions all together and that is a prep!

Step 4: Pirouette Turn

Now that the first step of a turn is out of the way, lets learn the more basic turn which is a pirouette. A pirouette is having one leg on the ground on the tip toe while the other leg is in a ninety-degree angle and the foot is against the knee. In a pirouette the arms need to be in the position a ballerina has her hands but straight out in front, with the shoulders back and head up. After learning how to do a pirouette the next step is to do the turn. To get around in a turn, the first step is the prep. After doing the prep, the arms need to swing clockwise with the body. The body and arms need to be always aligned. Next, the most important step of getting a good turn is to spot. Spotting is swinging the head around with the body to keep the rotation movement going. This is how to do multiple turns. In order to spot, its needed to pick somewhere on the wall directly in front of the dancer’s face and that is the only thing to look at while turning, nowhere else. Once all these steps are put into play it will result in the first turn! Which is a step to being an awesome dancer!