Introduction: How to Decorate a Composition Journal

These are basic step-by-step instructions on how to turn a plain cheap journal into a "handmade" gift for a friend in just minutes!

Step 1: Supplies You Need

1) A Composition Journal
2) Two pieces of scrapbooking paper
3) A glue stick
4) Jewel Rhinestones
5) Scissors
6) An ink pad
7) Ribbon

Step 2: Applying the Glue

You next apply a coat of glue to the front of the journal (do not put glue on the spine of your journal). Make sure that the glue gets to the very edges of the journal.

Step 3: The Journal's Background

Now you take your piece of scrapbooking paper and place it on the top of your journal making sure to line it up along the spine of the book. Beware: Paper will stick over the edge of your journal.

Step 4: Cutting the Extra Paper

You will now turn your journal over, open the front page, and start cutting along the inside of it.

Step 5: The Back of the Journal

Now repeat steps 2-4 on the back side of your journal.

Step 6: Decorating!

To make the edges of the journal look neat and finished I like to rub my ink pad along the edge of it. It kind of gives it a completed look.

Step 7: Applying the Ribbon

Instead of using glue to apply the ribbon to the journal I use Glue Dots. You stick as many of them as you need on your ribbon and then place the ribbon to your journal.

Step 8: More Ribbon

Next I make the little bows out of a different color of ribbon. I then stick a Glue Dot on the back, and place it wherever I want to.

Step 9: Adding the Jewels

You can buy small plastic jewels that are already sticky on the back. That way you don't have to worry about using the glue stick on them. I have a lot of fun with jewels and like to apply them as freely as possible.

Step 10: Finished!!

Yay, you're now finished decorating your journal!
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