How to Delete All Songs With Exclamation in Mac ITunes 12

Introduction: How to Delete All Songs With Exclamation in Mac ITunes 12

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Recently, I found some songs with exclamation marks in iTunes on my Mac. When playing this kind of songs, it will alert "the song....could not be used because the original file could not be found, would you like to locate it?".

Then I searched and find the solution to this issue. And the steps I offered is for deleting all songs with exclamation marks. And for people using iTunes 12 on their Mac/Macbook/iMac/Mac mini.

The process is that firstly find where you iTunes library stored on your Mac, and then delete your iTunes library in iTunes but keep original files, at the end update your iTunes with the original files. It will be very simple.

Step 1: 1. Find Your ITunes Library Original FIles

Open iTunes on your Mac, click iTunes > Preferences > Advanced. Then you can get the location of you iTunes Library on Mac.

Step 2: 2. Delete All Songs in ITunes But Keep Files on ITunes Media Files

Select all songs in your iTunes library on Mac, and then delete them.

Windows will come out. And click "Keep Files". In this way, you can delete the links in iTunes including all the songs with exclamation marks. But don't worry about losing your original files.

Step 3: 3. Drag Your Original ITunes Media Folder to Your ITunes

After deleting, just drag and drop the iTunes Media Folder directly to your iTunes.

OK, your iTunes songs library are updated and no Exclamation Marks again.

Step 4: End:

thanks to the guide "", I got the screenshots there!

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