Introduction: How to Deploy a Node.js App on Heroku

Here's how i deployed my NodeJS App on Heroku using a free account. Just click the links to download necessary softwares:

Software used:

VSCode(or any text editor of your choice)



Step 1: Create a Package.json


Heroku is ahosting website that allows ypu to deploy 5 apps for free with a runtime of 500+ hours per month. To deploy one, you'll need to upload 3 files:

  1. A package.json and package-lock.json flle. You can follow my other tutorial for a step by step turtorial on making one by clicking here. The package-lock.json shows up automatically after a package.json is made. Since we will be running it on herku, on your package,json file you need to specifiy a start script and the verison of your node on enines. to now this run the command node -v. Here's an example:

"name": "heroku",

"version": "1.0.0",

"description": "",

"main": "index.js",

"scripts": {

"test": "echo \"Error: no test specified\" && exit 1",

"start": "node server.js "


"keywords": [],

"author": "",

"license": "ISC",

"engines": {

"node": "12.x"



Step 2: Create Your Node.js App

Since this app will run on any port heroku give us, we need to determine the code it will gives us by using this code process.env.PORT . Here's a node js app that says "hello":

const http = require('http'); //loads the library to enable it to act as a server
var port = process.env.PORT || 5000; //specifies the port no to whatever heroku gives or 5000 on local host http.createServer(function(req,res){ // creates a server res.writeHead(200,{'Content-type':'text/plain'}); //Specifies that the respones "hello" is a text res.end("hello"); //shows the text "hello" on th eweb page }).listen(port); // attaches this server to the port no.

Step 3: Command Prompt

  • Open your command prompt by pressing Windows+R to open “Run” box then type “cmd” and then click “OK
  • On you CMD, go to the root by typing "cd .." until no path is include.

  • Check if npm(a library manager installed by node), git and heroku is properly installed by typing:
npm --version 
git --version
heroku --version 
  • Login in to yor herku account.
heroku login
  • This create an app on heroku:
heroku create <app-name-of-your-choice>
  • To upload your files, you need to got to its path by typing cd <path>
 cd <your-path>

  • Creates a new repository(folder) on your locl device for the items in this path

git init

  • Connect remotely to a folder on heroku via git on your app

heroku git:remote <app-name-of-your-choice>

  • Copies this file remotely to your local git repository u via git on your app

git add .

  • Save the changes you've done on the folder with a message of "make it better"

git commit -am "make it better"

  • Uploads the files to the git folder on heroku. Wait for it to downlaod

git push heroku master

  • opens the app

heroku open app