Introduction: How to Desalinate Seawater

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I can't believe there's a whole ocean full of water but we can't use it.So here's a way to desalinate seawater.It is best to try it on a sunny day early at sunrise;it will be done more or less in the afternoon.

Step 1: Prepare the Container

Use the big container and put the round black lid inside it.This is to atract sunlight.

Step 2: Add Recepticle

Place the small cup in the middle of the container on the black lid.

Step 3: Add Saltwater.

Add some seawater that you want to desalinate in your container but don't spill it in your cup.

Step 4: Cover With Plastic

Put the plastic over the container and fasten it with your elastic band.

Step 5: Small But Very Important Modification.

Add a small weight on the plastic right above the cup so that the plastic points down to your cup.

Step 6: Wait.

Wait for the water to evaporate, condensate on the plastic and trickle down and into the cup for you to drink.