Introduction: How to Design a Custom Card for a Loved One

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This is a fun way to make a custom gift card for someone you love from spare scrapbook paper you have laying around. You can use any basic card stock weight paper. We used Michael's craft paper for our Etsy Night of Craft. They have awesome paper sales where you can get really good paper for mere pennies.

You will need:

3 Sheets of Cardstock (12 inches by 12 inches)
Scissors or Exacto Knife
Glue or Double-sided Scrapbook Tape

Step 1: Select Your Paper- 3 Sheets

Select 3 Sheets of Paper From the Stationary or Arts and Crafts Store

Step 2: Create Card Outside- Fold and Cut the Large Sheet in Two

Fold the sheet in half lightly and use your bone folder to smooth the crease from the middle to the outside in one smooth motion. This hand tool is used in traditional bookbinding and card making to create smooth edges. I got mine at Tandy's Leather so they have really nice ones for cheap, but most bookmaking places have one you can pick up on the cheap. After you fold the paper in half, cut it. Experts will use an exacto knife, but I'm pretty clumsy so I just use scissors.

Step 3: Create the Card Inside- Fold and Cut in Half

Repeat For the Inside Cardstock.

Step 4: Fold the Halves Into Quarters

Take the halves and fold them again to create your inside and outside card. You can also cut any designs or patterns into the outside card front at this point.

Step 5: Use Double-Sided Tape to Connect the Front and Back

Use the double-sided tape in a square pattern to connect the front and back cardstock. Normally, you do a square around the edges and then the inside on the diagonal. Several of the women in the group stopped at this point to take a girl's chat break. Techshop RD has a great conference room for craftie events like this meet-up we did. If you are a member, simply call ahead to reserve the conference room for your own get together.

Step 6: Press the Two Halves Together

Use your bone folder to work the card pressing the two halves together by running it from one side to the other to seal the card and prevent warping. You need to do this to create a firm seal between the two halves. At this point you have a complete card you can give as a gift. The next part, how to create a custom envelope may be overkill for some people. You can stop here if you only need the card.

Step 7: Make the Envelope-Fold the Top and Bottom 1 Inch

Take the last sheet of paper for the envelope. Fold the top and bottom  roughly 1 inch like so. Press it flat with the bone folder to create smooth creases.

Step 8: Envelope Part Two: Fold Around Your Card

Place your card in the middle of your envelope and fold the paper on both sides around it. Leave some room the the card to slide in and out. It does not have to be skin tight.

Step 9: Make the Envelop Flap

Cut the two sides at the top to make the envelope flap. I normally cut out about 1/4 inch to give the cardstock and easy way to fold down without tearing anything.

Step 10: Fold the Outside Piece

Make the outside front with your left-over half from the card you originally cut. You will need to fold it twice at the top and bottom so it can wrap around the card. I find this easiest to test before any glue is applied as I can always take it apart if I need slightly more room.

Step 11: Glue/Tape Everything Together

Alright, apply glue. Lots of glue or double. Normally I start with the first fold and work my way forward. Then press it with the bone folder afterwards. I will stop and check at various points to make sure my card fits comfortably into the space as I go since this is very free form. This is even more important if you have an unusual sized card to give. You will need to glue, the flap at the top, the sides to the front, and the bottom inch for the card to rest into when it slides down into the card.

Step 12: Write on Card and Voila! You Are Done

Last, write your super secret message or in this case "I love you." (Always a classic. Always good to hear.) Put card in envelope and your done! A custom card just for you and your loved one. Totally unique.