Introduction: How to Design a New Clock From an Old One

Start by picking out a light weight material for your minute and hour hands. I have chosen to use a thin plank of balsa wood. You can also use cardboard or foam, or if you have the tools, light weight metals. 

Step 1: Create a Design for Your Minute and Hour Hands

Measure out how big or small you want your minute and hour hands to be. I crated my design in Adobe Photoshop, but you can also free hand your design. I chose for the minute hand to be of the actual word "minute" and for the hour hand to actually say "hour". The design is only limited by your imagination, so have some fun with it!

Step 2: Trace Your Design Onto Your Material

After printing or free handing your design, trace it onto your material. In my case, I used the thin plank of balsa wood. You can find the balsa wood from any local hobby or craft store. If you don't have any local stores, you can also purchase it online. 

Step 3: Cut Out the Design

Now that you have your design traced, start to cut it. Use tape for any pieces that you might have accidentally cut off.  (Please note): I used a simple box cutter utility knife. It would have been easier to use power tools or a laser cutter. If you happen to be fortunate enough to have a laser cutter, you are limitless with how intricate and fine your designs can be. 

Step 4: Create a Clock Base Design

Now it is time to design your base of the clock. I created a typographic design that incorporated the "12" "3" "6" and "9". It is a bit abstract, but that is how I like my art :)  Once again, you are only limited by your imagination, so go wild with it! (Please Note): I wanted to keep the materials as easy as possible so anyone can do it with materials around the house. So, I used cardboard for the base of the clock. If you have the tools, you can get more fancy with your materials.

Step 5: Paint Your Design Materials

This step is simple. Just paint your materials. I used a black oil based high gloss paint that I bought from a craft store. Some of you artistic painters might use this as an opportunity to paint some elaborate designs. 

Step 6: Gather Your Clock Motor Parts

Using an old clock, remove the motor from the base. If you dont have a clock, you can order a motor from an online source. You can buy different types of motors. The one that I have is for larger wall mounted clocks. 

Step 7: Mount Your Base Design and Minute Hands to Motor

Using the motor parts, mount your base design and minute and hour hands to the motor. 

Step 8: You Are Finished! Hang Your Clock for All to See

Now that you have mounted all your pieces, hang your custom designed clock for everyone to enjoy!

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