Introduction: How to Design a Ninja Hoodie Using Sketchbook Pro

Ok, admittedly this is more of a "Look at what I've done!" than a "How to", but I will try to take you through my thought process as I designed this hoodie. 

The template used can be downloaded here.

  • Conceptualize! I love hoodies, (addiction is more the term that comes to mind) so I knew I wanted to design a hoodie. When I design something I try to make it something I would personally  wear. (A good rule I think!) After turning several ideas in my head, I finally settled on a Ninja theme. Mostly because it was something I had not seen done before, and hey, it sounded cool to me! I see the sweater as being a very dark grey (so the black of the belt/harness will show up better) and the designs as decals printed on (If there is a fancy term for this I would love to know what it is) 
  • Sketch it! As you look through the screenshots you can see the finished design is a bit different than the initial sketch. The first thing that had to go were the laces. Maybe it's just me, but I think the idea of having a drawstring that is a plain old lace on the inside of the hood, but a nunchuck on the outside is just plain fun! To shorten the sleeves lasso the part of the sleeve that needs to be kept, cut, erase the rest of the sleeve about up to he elbow, and then paste and line 'em back up! Erase the cuff of the sleeve and sketch in the ninja-like sleeves, starting where the cuff started.

  • Outline that sucker! Once you are happy with the sketch, "ink" over the lines you like to create a nice outline. (on a separate layer naturally!) :D

  • Color it! There is not much to tell about coloring, put your basic colors down, and shade 'em if you want! (I use separate layers for shading, and find the airbrush to be my weapon of choice.)

  • Cleanup! If you are like me you are kinda sloppy and need to go though and tidy up your work

There you go! Now you have fun design for people to enjoy! (And I hope you did enjoy it!) 

Have any comments/questions? Leave 'em below. This was my first time ever using Sketchbook, so if there are any veteran users out there, I would be grateful for any advice!
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