Introduction: How to Detail a Vehicle

Hi I am Andrew Halvorson. I have been detailing vehicles for

the past three years. You know how most of the vehicles on the road are dirty? Well I help people clean their vehicle and make them look new. I am going to show you how to clean your vehicle. I am going to show you how to clean a vehicle in a few easy steps. By learning how to do this you lower to the risk of rust on any vehicle.


Tools needed:
Pressure washer, Wash mitt, Drying towel, squeegee, Soap, Carpet extractor, Microfiber towels, leather and carpet cleaner, window cleaner, tire shine.

Step 1: Washing the Vehicle

There are two ways to go about detailing a vehicle. The first way is washing the vehicle before and then focusing on the inside. The second way is focusing on the inside and then going to the outside of the vehicle. One of the best ways to detail a vehicle is to focus on the outside first then switch over to the interior. The focus on the outside just get any bugs dirt and road grime off the paint surface. The best way to get all that off is with the use of a pressure washer. Do not use a fine water line because wat can blast right through the paint. Use a widespread tip on the end of the pressure washer so the gets more surface area.

After all the road grime, bugs, and dirt is off the vehicle
the next step Is to apply soap with a wash mitt. When applying this soap, move the wash mitt in a back and forth motion. Do not use a swirl like motion, more at risk of putting scratches in the paint.

Once also has been applied and scrubbed the entire vehicle the next step is to rinse off all the soapy water. By doing this it removes all the dirt that has been lifted to the surface along with bugs and road grime. there should be no dirt, bugs, or road grime left on the vehicle.

Final step is to drive the vehicle with microfiber towels and a squeegee for the windows. The vehicle should be as dry as possible for the final step at the very end. The vehicle should air dry for about an hour to an hour and a half.

Step 2: Cleaning the Inside of the Vehicle

While letting the vehicle dry one can now focus on the inside of the vehicle. The first step should be to remove all the larger pieces of trash. Remove anything that could get sucked up in the vacuum.

Once all the bigger pieces of trash are out of the vehicle the next step is to vacuum the carpets, doors, and any small areas where dirt and debris could be hiding. After vacuuming all the large areas take a brush and brush all the carpet so we can get all the fine dust still in the carpet.

Once the vehicle has been vacuumed and all the garbage has been cleaned out the next step is to get a water base vacuum and some carpet based cleaner. Apply the carpet cleaner to the surface and scrub it in with a brush. After that is finished get the water-based vacuum and suck up all the solution. If there are some stains in the carpet repeat this process a few times and many of them should come out.

While the carpets are drying along with the exterior on the vehicle grab some microfiber towels and some Vehicle interior cleaner. The best thing to do is mix it up the spray bottle with some water. Spray the mixture of the interior cleaner and water on to any plastic services along with leather surfaces too.

Now wipe down all the mixture make sure there is nothing left
on the plastic or leather.

Once all the surfaces have been wiped down grab some glass and window cleaner and go around and clean all the windows on the inside along with all the mirrors on the inside.

The final part is to go are the outside of the vehicle and apply tire shine to make the vehicle look it best.

Step 3: Video