Introduction: How to Disassemble a Computer With Easy Steps and Pictures

This a instruction about how to disassemble a PC. Most of the basic components are modular and easily removed. However it is important that you be organized about it. This will help to keep you from losing parts, and also in making the reassembly easier. You should plan to do this in a clean, uncluttered, uncarpeted room.

Step 1: Unplugging

Unplug ever cable that is connected to the computer

Wear a grounding strap or touch an unpainted metal part of the computer to discharge any static electricity. If you walk across a carpet at any point, touch an unpainted metal part of the computer again to discharge the built up static electricity.

Step 2: The Casing

After you computer is unplugged move to a clean working space, preferably a table.

First off all, take the black casing off the PC by sliding it towards the front side.Then place the case at the

side as you don’t need it anymore.

Step 3: The Power Supply

The Power Supply manages all the power for the computer

The Power Supply is a large metal box located in the top left corner.

The power supply supplies power to every component in a computer, therefore it has the most wires out of every other component in the computer. The first thing you do is unplug every wire coming from the power supply. The list below is every thing that you have to disconnect:

  • Motherboard (very large connector/plug)
  • CD/DVD drive[s] power
  • Internal hard drive power
  • Portable hard drive slot power

Once everything is unplugged, unscrew the screws holding the power supply in place, on the back of the computer. Next, push the power supply from the outside, then lift it out.

Keep the screws/bolt aside in a bag so when you assembling it back, it will be easier.

Step 4: CD/DVD Drive

This one of the easiest components to remove. Just push the grey metal and pull out the drive.

If you don't have a second drive, there should be a flat piece of metal covering the drive slot.

Step 5: System Fan

Most computers have two fans: the system fan, the one blowing air into the computer, and the CPU fan, the one blowing air onto the CPU heat sink.

The system fan is located at the back side of the computer, the side with all the component plugins.

First, unplug the fan from the motherboard. You can find the plug by following the wire from the fan.

It should be labeled "SYS_FAN1". Next, you will have to unscrew the fan from the outside.

You should now be able to lift the fan out of the PC.

Keep the screws/bolt aside in a bag so when you assembling it back, it will be easier.

Step 6: CPU Fan

The CPU fan is located right on top of the CPU heat sink, which is a large piece of metal with fins on the top. The CPU fan plugs into the motherboard which is hard to access. But just follow the wires and you should easily find it.

To remove the fan from the heat sink, remove the four screws securing it in place.

Step 7: Hard Drive and Floppy Disk

Remove the metal casing on the top side of the PC.

Remove the hard drive and floppy disk combo from the computer. Then, remove each.

Keep the screws/bolt aside in a bag so when you assembling it back, it will be easier.

Step 8: The Power Switch

To remove the button, you will need to push it from the back, the side with the wires. For clarification, see the pictures.

Step 9: RAM (Random Access Memory)

A RAM is a s the memory or information storage in a computer that is used to store running programs and data for the programs. So, the more RAM you have, the faster your computer runs. Most computers have 4 or 2 RAM slots.

To remove the RAM, push down on both tabs holding the RAM in place, which are located at both ends of the RAM.

Step 10: CPU

Remove the CPU by working the lever. Handle with care.

Step 11: Heat Sinker

Take out the heat sink through the lever, handle with care.

Step 12: The Motherboard

The motherboard is the mother of the computer! The motherboard links every component in the computer together. The CPU, RAM, and expansion cards are attached directly to it, and every other part of the computer is in one way or another attached to it.

The motherboard has seven screws holding it to the frame, which are indicated by large white circles around them. Remove those seven, then lift the motherboard out of the frame.

Keep the screws/bolt aside in a bag so when you assembling it back, it will be easier.

Step 13: Done

These are all the components that are disassemble from the PC.