Introduction: How to Disc Swap on PS1 (or PSX)

This will show you a step by step process on how to Swap Discs on Ps1 (Or PSX)

this is quite difficult. if you have problems, visit this website

Step 1: Get Any PS1 Game (depending on Your Country on the PS1) (Mine Is NTSC)

Get a NTSC PS1 Game depending on your country on the ps1

Step 2: Get Your Burned Game.

Get the game that you burned on a cd-r disc.

Step 3: Turn on the PS1 When the Ps1 Game Disc With the Black Side Is Inserted.

Insert your black side ps1 game.

Step 4: Wait for the Black Ps1 Screen!

Step 5: The Disc Will Spin Slowly Then Fast Again.

When the disc spins fast again, quickly take the black side ps1 game out and insert your burned game!

Step 6: Take Out the Burned Game!

Again the burned game will spin fast and then slowly. When the disc stops spinning fast, quickly take the disc out and replace it with the black side ps1 game.

Step 7: Black PS1 Screen Disapears

Once the black ps1 screen disappears, take the ps1 black side disc and replace it with the burned ps1 game

Step 8: WALLA!

You have a game that works now. Now you can play The Three Stooges Now! YAY!

Some ps1s spin at a different speed. Burn the ps1 game at 16x, 12x, or 6x,