Introduction: How to Do Box Braids 101

For a full head on average you'll need at least four bags of hair (x-pression hair suggested) depending on the size of your head

Materials: -xpression hair, Scissors, Hair tie

Optional : Hot Water and comb

Step 1: Cut and Tether Hair

  1. Cut your hair to the desired length
  2. Tether and brush the hair out to stop blunt ends. This prevents the hair for coming loose

Step 2: Dividing Synthetic Hair

Get a small section of your synthetic hair for your first braid. Divide that section into two, cross them over and grab the opposite ends

Step 3: Prepare Your Natural Hair

Part a small section of your hair. Divide that section into 3 pieces.

Step 4: Prepare Synthetic Hair

Connect two of the four pieces of synthetic hair together and hold the other strands together

Step 5:

Lay the three strands of synthetic hair against your real hair parted in those three sections

Step 6: Attach Synthetic Hair to Root of Natural Hair

Grab the synthetic hair along with your real hair and begin to weave it in

Step 7: Begin Braiding Down

Weave synthetic hair and natural hair all the way down

Step 8: Remove Excess Hair

Cut off excess synthetic hair making sure to avoid natural hair

Step 9: (Optional) Finish Ends

Burn ends or dip ends in hot water to further thin out ends.

Step 10: Smile You're Finished