How to Do Crazy Prediction Magic Card Trick

Introduction: How to Do Crazy Prediction Magic Card Trick

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how to do crazy prediction magic card trick.

Here is a great prediction magic card trick for anyone who is just starting out in magic, this trick is very effective and takes some but little practice and I find it is the perfect trick for anyone to learn who is just getting started in magic and wants to learn something that requires some sleight of hand but not too much.

Step 1: What You Need

a deck of cards and a duplicate card from a different deck. (preferably a different color)

Step 2: Setup

plaice the duplicate in the box and the other card under the box as shown above.

Step 3: Shuffle

Ask the spectator to shuffle the deck of cards. (make sure they feel confident that they are truly shuffled)

Step 4: Count

take the cards back and ask the spectator to name a number. deal that many cards on the table and remove the card at that position.

Step 5: Sleight

Now here is where the sleight of hand comes in. hold the card in your hand and pick up the box?face card towards you. Plaice their card on the card and flip them over as one card.

Step 6: Finally

pull out the card from the box to show a prefect match.

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