Introduction: How to Do Funny Card Tric

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Although this trick may not be for everyone it is still a really awesome funny card trick. it is a little bit goofy though so it may not be for everyone. (I definatly use it as it fits my presentation a lot) anyways here is how to do it.

Step 1: The Theroy (setup)

on a piece of paper put a heading that says "the cardicularal theroy". then underneath put down this......

According to
scientific studies, with this cardaricular back design, when mindsets differ people may lock differ mental pictures in their mind. This will cause them to simultaneously contemplate deferent suits depending on the particular mindset of the indivisual.

then fold the paper in half so only header shows (as shown in picture 2)

on the back write down AD/AH equals X/Y (picture 3)

Step 2:

put the 2 red aces on top of the deck

Step 3: The Actual Trick

ask the spectator to toech a card. dont show them the card just yet. pull the card out and plaice it on top and preform a triple lift to show one spectator the ace of hearts. then turn to the other spectator and do a double lift to show the ace of diamonds.

at this point they should not know that they saw different cards. after some delay ask the spectators what card they saw. then you must say "NO WAY!' and read out the Theroy. after you read the theroy show the back (the prediction) to finnish off the trick.

Step 4: The Presentation

while presention this card trick you want to make shure that you dont present it as a card trick but instead a scientific study as it will make it way better.