How to Do Ombre or Gradient Dyeing | Dip Dyeing



Introduction: How to Do Ombre or Gradient Dyeing | Dip Dyeing

About: I am a textile chemist. And i love to to do experiment on textiles using various dyeing and printing technique.

Dip dyeing is very interesting to learn. Any dress can be dyed by using this method. Please try it you can do it.

Good luck!!

Step 1: Watch the Video to Understand the Whole Process.

Step 2: Soak the Scarves With Wetting Agents at Least for 15 Minutes

Follow the steps carefully.

Step 3: Take a Wooden, Aluminum or Steel Rod Then Roll the Scarves on the Rod As Shown in the Picture

Take out the scarves from the pot, extract the water using hydro extractor machine or by hand. Take a wooden, aluminum or steel rod then roll the scarves on the rod as shown in the picture, here I have taken 3 silk cashmere scarves of 36x80 inch size. Please do not roll more than 3 pieces, if the layer is thick we won't get the desired result.

Step 4: After Rolling Let It Be As Shown in the Picture.

Step 5: Hold the Rolled Scarves Like Above Shown in the Picture

Hold the rolled scarves as shown in the picture, slowly dip the lowest part into the dye bath, here I have used acid dyes with lowest possible pH around 6 adjusted with acetic acid, start dipping at around 40 degree Celsius

Step 6: Start Heating the Dye Bath

Raise the temperature at 1 degree Celsius per minute, make the lowest part very dark as per requirement then slowly dip the remaining part, go on making required gradient

Step 7: Dip the Lowest Part Only.

lift the rod up and down and let the lowest part be very dark.

Step 8: Raise the Temperature of Dye Bath.

Go on dipping looking at the gradient of color.

Step 9: Raise the Temperature and Boil the Dye Bath.

Step 10: Now Unroll the Scarves From Rod and Start Dipping by Hands

Step 11: Go on Dipping.

Do it carefully cause it's very hot now, finish as per its flow in up direction, so that no any uneven patches come, let the dyes distribution be beautifully lightened in upward direction

Step 12: See the Gradient.

Now take out the scarves put them into cold water, don't off the heating let it be on.

Step 13: Take Out the Scarf.

Step 14: Put Them Again in to Dye Bath.

Boil them again.

Step 15: Take Them Out.

See the dyes have migrated to fabric, it is almost exhausted, stop heating and take it out from pot

Step 16: Put Them in a Pot .

Wash them, first cold wash then using washing soap. Finally add finishing agent like silicon softener

Step 17: Extract the Water Using Spinning Machine and See the Shading.

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