Introduction: How to Do Simple Crochet Braid

Check my simple tutorial on how to do crochet braids

Step 1:

You will need

2 packs of Kanekalon Braid

1 crochet needle

1 ceramic teacup or bowl with a handle

1 comb with a tail Flex rods

hot water

hair polish or any hair sheen

Step 2: Part 1


1 Section hair into four parts then braid the top section in an X pattern as seen in the video

2 Secure loose ends by sewing them together to the bottom of your braid pattern

3 Get two backs of any brand kanekalon braid and cut them in half

4 Section out braids into smaller sections, use larger portions for the back of your head and smaller sections for the front

5 Get the crochet hook needle and insert where ever you desire in your cornrow braid

6 Open the hook and insert a piece of the kanekalon hair braid into it and close the hook

7 Pull the hook through then stick your finger through the space you made with the hooked hair and pull through the hair on the other side

8 You could pull it through once or two times for added security

9 Repeat step 9 until you are finished the head

You will remain with a really cool natural looking style which you could cut and style ad desired or move on to the next step

Step 3: Part 2

Part 2

10 Spray hair with water and conditioner till it is mildly damp

11 Blow dry hair using a vent brush

12 Set hair using flex rods of your size choice

13 When hair is completely set, dip it into a cup of hot water and dry it to ensure it does not burn you

14 Remove the flex rods

15 Add oils of your choice and other desired hair products and style as desired

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