How to "Do Toledo" in 30 Days (or Less)




Introduction: How to "Do Toledo" in 30 Days (or Less)

Are you planning on visiting the Toledo area and need some ideas for things to do? Well, you are in luck! We have 60 wonderful suggestions for you.

In this Instructable, you will find images and details of different activities that have all been tested and thoroughly enjoyed by Bill Horvath, Brian Knoblauch, and Kate McClure during their tenure as Team 2 in '''the EPIC Race'''.

Before we begin, we would like to thank EPIC, who created the EPIC Race, as well as this year's sponsors: Huntington Bank, Fox Toledo, the Toledo Blade, Jamieson's Audio/Video, and Findley Davies.

We hope you find the following activities as fun and interesting as we did. Let's begin!

Step 1: Donate Blood for the American Red Cross (1)

As a first stop, consider giving a helping hand and donating blood to the American Red Cross. Did you know that one pint of blood can save up to three lives? We visited the center on Executive Parkway and after the testing to make sure our donor was healthy, the actual procedure only took about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, 20% of the people that come to the American Red Cross are turned away due to low Iron, but the effort of trying is always appreciated! If you are going to donate blood, make sure to eat an hour or so before, and try to stay away from caffeinated beverages. As an added bonus, you get a free t-shirt for donating!

Map: American Red Cross

Step 2: Thank Police, Fire, and Rescue for Keeping Toledo Safe! (2)

Make sure to stop and see the members of area Police or Fire and Rescue squads and let them know you appreciate them being there to keep us safe. We visited the Sylvania Fire station at 6633 Monroe Street and enjoyed some down time with the very friendly folks over there!

Map: Sylvania Fire Station

Step 3: Visit the Toledo Humane Society (3)

If you are in need of a furry friend, visit the Toledo Humane Society where they have lots of animals available that are in need of good homes and plenty of TLC. Crises like foreclosures and fires not only affect people, but animals as well -- When a family loses their home, they often can't take their pets into their new living circumstances. The Toledo Humane Society affected us so much that one of the team members went back a few days later to buy kittens for his two kids.

Map: Toledo Humane Society

Step 4: Talk to a Local Elected Official (4)

We went to visit Lee Hakel, Bowling Green School Board member and during our conversation, she explained that she felt that the EPIC Race was a good way to meet others in the community as well as experience new things. Her excitement towards the Bowling Green school system helped us see that our area youth have the chance to achieve great things!

Step 5: Visit a Retirement Community (5)

The elderly of Northwest Ohio have so much to share with young people! We went to Lutheran Village at Wolf Creek and visited with Florence Horvath. We talked with her for some time and asked what she thought of the upcoming Presidential election. She said she'd likely vote republican, in the tradition of her late husband, Lou.

Step 6: Help Out at the Cherry Street Mission (6)

Helping the community is one of the things that Toledoans like to do. We started with visiting the Cherry Street Mission, and learned that they serve an average of 565 meals a day and about 206,225 meals annually. Since the Toledo economy is at a low, the Cherry Street Mission is now serving more meals daily to help those in need.

Map: Cherry Street Mission

Step 7: Fight Hunger (7)

We went to Costco to pick up some supplies before dropping them off at the Seagate Food Bank. Since the founding of the food bank, they have distributed more then 66 million pounds of food to those in need.

Map: Seagate Food Bank

Step 8: Take Your Trash to a Recycling Center (8)

There are many Toledo-Lucas County Recycling Centers in the area where you can eliminate your waste in an environmentally-friendly fashion. We stopped by to get rid of some plastic (non-electronic!) parts from the case of an old computer printer.

Map: One of the 5 Recycling Centers

Step 9: Recruit an EPIC Member (9)

After visiting all the locations in this instructable, you'll see that Toledo is a beautiful city, and we all want to be part of helping it improve. EPIC (Encouraging People, Inspiring Change) is a group of young professional Toledoans, and Kate McClure was recruited by her fellow teammates to be the newest member. She has already been to one of the orientation meetings, and looks forward to helping improve the community!

[ How To Join Epic]

Step 10: Ride a TARTA Bus (10)

Toledo has one of the best mass transit systems in the region, and it can get you to most of the locations that you need to go in the greater metropolitan area. We took the bus to a Toledo Mud Hens game.

For Tarta's Schedule
Phone: 419-243-7433

Step 11: Eat at a Local Ethnic Restaurant (11)

One of the best parts of living in the Toledo area is the vast array of ethnic eateries! We have terrific Mediterranean, Italian, Eastern European, and Chinese restaurants, not to mention some great sushi bars! The ethnic restaurant that our team enjoyed during the EPIC Race was Tony Packo's, famous for their hot dogs and Hungarian specialties. (If you haven't heard yet, Jamie Farr made it popular on the show [*A*S*H_(TV_series) M*A*S*H].) We liked it so much, we visited two different Packo's locations!

Locations: Tony Packo's

Step 12: View a Live Local Band (12)

Toledo has a number of aspiring musicians. Our group enjoys Jazz, so we headed to Murphy's Place in downtown Toledo to hear Glenda McFarlin.

Map: Murphy's Jazz

Step 13: Read a Book at a Branch of the Toledo Lucas County Library (13)

Toledo has 18 library branches between West Toledo and Waterville, Ohio. We visited the Sylvania Branch, where the Reading Program for children and adults was in full swing.

Locations: Toledo Libraries

Step 14: Experience Artist's Creativity at a Local Gallery (14)

Along with area musicians, there are many aspiring artists who have the opportunity to display their works at more than 30 galleries in the Toledo metropolitan region. We went over to the Hudson Gallery in Sylvania, where there were many unique paintings, clay sculptures, and (of course) blown glass pieces to admire.

Map: Hudson Gallery

Step 15: Tour the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo (15)

Before going to the Islamic Center, we suggest scheduling a tour with the Imam. We did, and were lucky enough to have his son walk us around the spectacular library and prayer room. He gave us a detailed explanation of the fundamental beliefs of Islam, as well as an overview of its culture and practices. We also got to see an architect's rendering of what the Mosque's community will look like in a few years, when they've completed a new senior living facility and additions to the school.

Map: Islamic Center of Greater Toledo
Phone: 419-874-3509

Step 16: Learn Firefighting History at the Toledo Firefighters Museum (16)

After visiting with the Sylvania firefighters, we were curious to learn more. The Toledo Firefighter's Museum is a spectacular place to do so! It's run by retired firefighters who have lots of history to share, and we strongly suggest you leave some time for this wonderful stop. If you have children, try to go on a Saturday when they do a demonstration in "Jed's room", an Eagle Scout's project which they use to teach kids what to do if there's a fire in their house. You can also see a working demonstration of an old alarm office, and how to use a bowling pin to connect and disconnect a fire hose! (And be sure to ask them to see their recently-acquired coffee pot while you're there.)

Map: Museum

Step 17: See the Murals at Lourdes College (17)

Lourdes College, located in Sylvania, is one of Ohio's commuter colleges run by the Sisters of Saint Francis. Seen in the picture is a beautiful ceramic mosaic of St. Francis on McAlear Hall. There are similar spectacular murals on many of the other campus buildings as well.

Map: Lourdes College

Step 18: Experience the Toledo Museum of Art (18)

The Toledo Museum of Art is a main attraction for most visitors to our fair city. During out stop, we enjoyed spectacular exhibits of sculpture, painting, metalwork, and glass. The Exactitudes: Ones of a Kind exhibit, we noticed three distinctive paintings. The first one had 12 pictures of different people in different social groups on it and it portrayed a message that even there is "sameness" within each picture, there is still individuality The other unique item is the Netsuke of a Reclining Rabbit in Kimono that was used to hold keys or anything else small because 17th century clothing didn't have pockets. Out of the three, our favorite was the Vitrana because of it's 33 cast panels of free hand inlaying filled with different colors.

Map: Museum

Step 19: Express Yourself at the Collingwood Arts Center (19)

The Collingwood Arts Center is a terrific space for engaging your creative side. Built in 1905, it formerly served as a convent for the Ursuline Order of the Sacred Heart, and later housed the Mary Manse College and St Ursula Academy. Today it has studio rentals where anyone can go and express their inner artist.

Step 20: Stop by a Locally-owned Record Store (20)

Records may be a thing of the past for most people, but don't tell that to anyone who works at Allied Records. Their business is based mostly on selling used records (LP's) but they do also sell video game systems, CD's, and DVD's. If you miss the sound only found from record players, visit any of the 6 locations around the area.

Locations: Allied Records

Step 21: Learn to Dance With the Toledo Ballet (21)

The Toledo Ballet has been an institution in Toledo for fifty years, teaching multiple generations of dancers the discipline of en pointe. They offer classes for children as young as three to adults of any age. We were honored to join in with a group of students in the intermediate program.

Map: Toledo Ballet

Step 22: Tour the Children's Garden at the Toledo Botanical Garden (22)

The Toledo Botanical Garden is where to go in Toledo to see beautiful flora and fauna. They have an amazing array of volunteer-tended gardens to see, featuring all kinds of flowers and plants, from azaleas to rhododendrons. On our visit we saw that the ponds were home to some swans, and there is also a children's garden on the way.

Map: Toledo Botanical Gardens

Step 23: Catch a Show at the Valentine Theater (23)

The Valentine Theater is located in Downtown Toledo. It was built 1900 and is now owned by the Toledo Cultural Arts Center. Major renovations started in 1978, and the entire facility reopened in 1999.

The Valentine regularly features a diverse array of shows, and the Theater can also be rented by groups to show their own productions The main Auditorium seats 900 people, but you don't have to rent the whole building. Many smaller studios and conference rooms are available as well as two grand lobbies, which are popular with wedding parties. There's also lots of parking around the theater, which makes visiting a breeze.

Website: Valentine Theater
Map and directions:

Step 24: Catch a Home Run at a Toledo Mud Hens Game (24)

The Toledo Mud Hens is one of the most famous minor league teams in the US, thanks to the informal sponsorship of the character Cpl. Klinger in the hit TV show, M*A*S*H. You can see them play at their fantastic new stadium, which opened in 2002. That same year, they left the old "Ned Skeldon Stadium" in Maumee, Ohio, which was the second home of the Hens. Their original stadium was at Bay View Park, which lots of mud hens (American Coots) used to frequent.

The Mud Hens is the International League farm team for the Detroit Tigers, and the two mascots are around at most home games to entertain the fans: "Muddy" (the original), and his female companion "Muddonna." When we were at the park, it was "Autograph Sunday", and two players came out in front of the Swamp Shop (the Mud Hens' gift shop) to signed autographs from 5:45-6:15. Unfortunately, the Hens lost the night we were there, but it was a beautiful night for a baseball game! It's also inexpensive evening at less then $10/ticket, and Fifth Third Field is a terrific place to take friends and family, especially if you have kids.

Step 25: Ride a Northwest Ohio Bike Trail (25)

If you're tired of sitting in the car after all the other stops you've made while doing Toledo, it's time to hit the trail and stretch your legs! We hope you will bring your bike with you on your trip, because Toledo has several beautiful bike destination trails in the area. One of the trails starts at the University of Toledo and goes through Wildwood MetroPark and onto King Road, where there is a nice resting point. (Total one way is about 6 miles.) We got the bikes out and went to try it out. Be sure before you head out that your tires are properly inflated and the chains have been oiled recently.

Website: Ohio Department of Transportation's Bike Site

Step 26: Go Bowling (26)

Bowling dates back to Ancient Egypt, and some bowling alleys around the country look like they do too. So we decided to check out the recently rebuilt and remodeled Al Mar Bowling Alley in Bowling Green! If you've never been bowling in Bowling Green , you've never been bowling at all. Beautiful new facility. Highly recommended.

Map: Al Mar Bowling

Step 27: Watch a Softball Game (27)

If you'd like to see a ball game and would rather not have the expense of the Mud Hens, there are several fields that host Adult softball games that you can see for free. The Oregon Recreation Center has games almost every evening. We attended the game between the "Lady Elite" (self-sponsored) and a team sponsored by the "Maumee Bay Turf Center". Both teams showed good sportsmanship and good teamwork, but the "Lady Elite" won that game.

Step 28: See Carriages Almost Fly at Raceway Park (28)

Live harness racing is one of the events we had never seen before, and so it was interesting to learn what it was all about. Admission into Raceway Park is $2 per adult (during live racing), and the view is up close and personal. Racing is on Friday & Saturday at 7pm and Sundays at 6pm, and the entrance is located on Telegraph from Alexis Road. Full card simulcasting is 7 days a week from 12p-12a.

Map: Raceway Park

Step 29: Hit Some Balls at a Driving Range (29)

Have you been missing the smell of fresh cut grass and the satisfying Thwack! you hear when you hit a ball dead on? Well you are in luck, because there are lots of driving ranges and golf courses in Toledo. And if you didn't feel like hauling your golf bag through the airport, don't sweat it -- most have club rentals for a decent price. We went to Spuyten Duyval Golf Center on Central Avenue and experienced their well-kept driving range. If you go during the week, you can rent clubs for free and enjoy their "All you can hit" specials.

Map: Spuyten Duyval Golf Center

Step 30: Frisbee Golf Course (30)

If you don't have room in your luggage for the golf clubs, there is always room for frisbee golf discs. Luckily, we have a veteran of frisbee golf on our team so we headed over to Ottawa Park, located off of Bancroft near Douglas, and gave the course a run for its money.

Map: Ottawa Park

Step 31: Visit Glass City Boxing and See Devin Vargas (31)

Devin Vargas is the Boxing Champion of Toledo as well as a participant in the 2004 Olympics. We visited the "Glass City Gym" in Point Place hoping to catch a glimpse of him training, but unfortunately there were no bouts that day.

Map: Glass City Boxing

Step 32: Go Ice Skating (32)

We know what you're thinking: it's June, and there's no place to go ice skating! You'd be wrong if you were in Toledo, because the Sylvania Sports and Recreation Center (aka Tam-O-Shanter) has Open Skate for an hour or more almost every day during the summer. We went one Sunday and found it refreshing to be in a cool environment after being out in the sun all day.

Schedule: The Tam-o-shanter

Step 33: Play Some Tennis (33)

There are a number of places you can go for free to hit the yellow ball around, like The Lucas County Rec Center. The courts are available on a First Come, First (ahem) Served basis, and there is no specified time limit on the courts.

Map: Lucas County Rec Center

Step 34: See the New Toledo Maritime Center (34)

If you are visiting the downtown area and find that you want to sail to a faraway port, the Toledo Maritime Center is the place for you. Not only is it a venue capable of hosting events for more than 450 people, it is a terminal built to dock ferry and cruise ships visiting ports in the US and Canada around the Great Lakes. While we were there, we got to enjoy the "Toledo Healthy Lakes Great Lakes Riverfront Festival", which featured tables from a variety of local environmental and water-focused organizations. As a bonus, the "Earth Voyager" was also at the Maritime Center to raise awareness of freshwater issues.

Map: Toledo Maritime Center

Step 35: Tour Fox Toledo (35)

Fox Toledo (channel 36) is located at Four Seagate in downtown Toledo, and tours of the station are available on weekdays from 9-2:30. Their fall line up has lots of shows that we are looking forward to watching, and seeing the guts of how a news broadcast is put together is very interesting.

Phone: 419-244-2279 (ask for Dave)
Map: Fox TV

Step 36: Get Some Gear at Jamieson's Audio/Video (36)

Jamieson's Audio/Video has an amazing array of equipment for the sound- or videophile, and we highly recommend a visit their if you're considering upgrading your Entertainment Experience. However, if you're thinking about it because you're anxious about the upcoming changeover to digital TV, Scott (a helpful Jamieson's staffperson) says not to worry. "For the vast majority of people, who have cable or satellite service, the changeover will have no effect whatsoever."

Map: Jamieson's Audio/Video

Step 37: Whiskey Ranch Night Club (37)

The newest thing to come to Toledo is our very own mechanical bull. It looked like a good time, but due to past injuries we were unable to participate. For hardier souls, we'd recommend giving it a, er, whirl!

Map: Whiskey Ranch Night Club

Step 38: Shop for Billiards, a Pool, or a Spa (38)

Feel like showing off your pool (cue) or pool (swimming) skills from the comfort of your own home? Around Toledo, there are many home recreation stores, and one of the newest is the InsideOut Recreation Center. Their shop is about 17,000 sq ft, with more across the road, so make sure you leave time to view their selection. The prices seemed pretty reasonable, and there are a plethora of props to show how the equipment could be used.

Map: Inside Out Recreation Center

Step 39: Catch a Flick at the Maumee Indoor Theater (39)

If you'd like to reminisce and experience a movie in an old fashioned cinematheque, head to the Maumee Indoor Theater. It's is located where Conant meets the Anthony Wayne Trail, and there is plenty of on-street parking. The ticket prices are reasonable and the popcorn is very tasty!

Map: <aumee Indoor Theater

Step 40: Pick Produce at an Orchard (40)

For the freshest produce, it's hard to beat an orchard where you can pick your own goods. We checked out "MacQueens Orchard" (located on Garden Road near Holloway Road), and found that not only do they have great apples, they also have delicious apple butter, honey, fresh baked goods, and fudge. They also have a "Forever Christmas" section.

Website: [ MacQueens Orchard]

Step 41: Visit a New Member of the Toledo Area Chamber of Commerce (41)

To understand why Toledo is a great city in which to live, it's helpful to talk with members of the Toledo Area Chamber of Commerce. The Claddaugh Irish Pub is one of the Chamber's newest members, and Athena Kostoulakis is the General Manager. She recently moved to this area from further north in Michigan, and joined the Chamber to network and because she felt it was the fastest way to learn about our community.

Step 42: Fly Into Toledo Express Airport (42)

For convenient flights into and out of Toledo, it's hard to beat Toledo Express Airport, a beautiful facility located just minutes west of the city. It has daily flights to Chicago, Cincinnati, and Detroit, and offers regular flights to Tampa Bay and Orlando as well. Parking is inexpensive, the terminal is walking distance from the car, and you can arrive at the terminal an hour or so before your flight without having to worry about clearing security in time. (And the upstairs bathrooms are some of the most interesting and elegant in the city, oddly enough.)

On our first visit, our vehicle was too tall for the parking lot, so we stopped in at National Flight Services. They were kind enough to let us get a picture on the tarmac with one of their planes. On our second visit, thanks to Brian being licensed to fly, we got a pilot's eye view of the airport in his flight club's Piper Warrior II.

Step 43: Shop at a Toledo-area Retailer (43)

There are many "mom and pop" stores in Toledo, but one of our favorites is Tech-Tattoos. They provide laser etching for electronics and similar items, allowing you to personalize your gear with your own images or text. Very impressive, and affordable.

Step 44: Look for Treasures at Architectural Artifacts (44)

Are you looking for that perfect piece to finish restoring your period home? If so, Architectural Artifacts is where you'll want to go while you're in Toledo. They have an amazing array of items salvaged from houses with historical value, from unique art nouveau door handles, to craftsman mantles. And if you get overwhelmed with the selection, they have some rescued cats walking around the store that you can snuggle for comfort while making your choices.

Step 45: Marvel at the Bowling Green Wind Farm (45)

The Wind Farm in Bowling Green is a great illustration of how Northwest Ohio is becoming greener and more technologically advanced at the same time. The Wind Farm (which opened in 2003) creates around 7,245 megawatts of electricity, powering 1700 homes in the city of Bowling Green. We were fortunate enough to get an aerial perspective, as well as one from on the ground, when we visited this local attraction.

Map: Bowling Green Wind Farms

Step 46: Visit Inverness Club (46)

Inverness Club is one of Toledo's many fine private organizations for people looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle for a round of golf, or for tennis or swimming. The central hall features a beautiful antique grandfather clock donated by the players of the 1931 US Open, who wanted to say thank you to the staff for the warm and gracious hospitality they experienced during the games.

Map: Inverness Club

Step 47: Get a Cup of Joe at Georgette's (47)

Georgette's coffee shop, located in the heart of Maumee on Conant street, has delicious coffees and smoothies that really hit the spot. It is owned and operated by the same people who run the Sunshine Children's Home. The home is a residential facility for children and adults with disabilities. Some of the employees of the coffee house are the residents of the Sunshine Children's Home. There is also a nice gift shop attached to the coffee house that has many unique fair-trade items.

Map: Georgettes

Step 48: Visit the Toledo Zoo (48)

The Toledo Zoo enjoys a national reputation that draws visitors from all over the country, and is well worth your time to visit. The newest exhibit that opened in May of this year is called Amazing Amphibians, and it features a great variety of amphibious animals in settings which simulate their natural habitat, but which offers visitors unique perspectives on how they live (for example, a salamander's cave is built up against the glass so you can see it from above and below.) Another of the more recent additions is an Africa exhibit where the animals are all together in a large meadow designed to mimic the African heartland, and which is surrounded by a train which visitors can ride to get a close-up perspective from all angles.

A bonus of being a Lucas County Resident is that the Zoo offers free admission on Mondays!

Step 49: Take a Walk in the Metroparks of Toledo (49)

The Toledo Metroparks have so much to offer! From walking, rollerblading, and bike riding trails, to seeing historical sights, such as the "Oak Grove School" at Wildwood, a one-room school last used in the 1897. We were fortunate enough to get a 'lesson' there from Ms. Butterworth, who dressed in period clothes, as did two of the other 'students'.

Step 50: Stop in at Snooks Dream Cars (50)

Snooks Dream Cars is a museum of classic cars in Bowling Green that is owned and operated by Bill & Jeff Snook. All of the cars in the museum date from the 1930's-60's, and admission is $6 for adults. If you're into classic cars, this stop is definitely worth the drive!

When we visited, we were fortunate enough to be allowed to see the newer garage in the back, as they had moved some of the cars there from the main showroom for a wedding that weekend. (The Lotus was amazing!)

Map: Snooks Dream Cars

Step 51: Get a Workout at the University of Toledo Recreation Center (51)

The University of Toledo has a newly renovated Recreation Center that is well organized, and has lots of opportunities for students to exercise! There are air hockey and ping pong on the ground floor, while the lower level has a pool with a waterslide, several basketball courts, weights and machines, racquetball courts, and a climbing wall. To be able to use the UT rec center you need to either be a student, or be sponsored by a student. Membership fees are reasonable for what you receive!

Map: University of Toledo Recreation Center

Step 52: Enjoy a Wine Tasting (52)

You want to experience some wines while in Toledo, but don't want to try a whole bottle of something unknown? The Vineyard has wine tastings on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7:30. For $5.00, you get to try six different wines, not to mention some excellent cheese and crackers to cleanse your palate. It's a relaxed atmosphere, and the staff is very knowledgeable of the product they serve. We highly recommend unwinding over their superb selections.

Map: The Vineyard

Step 53: Partake of the Fun at a Local Festival (53)

So many festivals are going on in Toledo in the summer, that it's hard to choose just one to attend! Every genre of talent and entertainment is available, from music and art, to history and carnival rides. Being art lovers, we attended the Sylvania Art Festival on Main Street in the historical village. We saw many nice pieces of work, and lots of talent!

Step 54: Get Fresh at a Farmer's Market (54)

Need fresh produce while you're on the south side of town? There's a Farmer's Market every Thursday night on Main Street in Perrysburg from 3p-7p. When we stopped by, they had flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs for sale, as well as some terrific Kettle Corn! We highly recommend checking out the local growers.

Map: Perrysburg Farmers Market
Phone Number: 419-874-9147

Step 55: Drop by the Butterfly House (55)

Located in Whitehouse just west of Toledo, the Butteryfly House seems a little unimpressive on the outside, but inside is an amazing collection of beautiful butterflies fluttering around a luscious greenhouse full of gorgeous flowering plants. It is a very peaceful place to watch and interact with nature, and is a terrific place to bring children. You can also look for 'wild' butterflies by following the meandering trail in the field out back.

Map: Butterfly House

Step 56: Fort Meigs (56)

If you'd like to satisfy a craving for American history, Fort Meigs is a great place to visit while you're in town. There are a variety of special events held there throughout the summer. When we stopped by, they were conducting the "Muster on the Maumee", which showcases the evolution of the foot soldier, from Roman Legionnaire to 20th Century Warrior. There were lots of demonstrations (including firing cannons), along with some 'period camps' where the volunteers were selling merchandise just as they would in the period they represented.

Map: Fort Meigs

Step 57: Ride the Canal Boat at Providence Metropark (57)

If Fort Meigs didn't satisfy your history bug, the Miami & Erie canal in Providence Metropark has a reproduction of a mule drawn boat that puts its riders into the time of 1876. The boat originally took people between Cincinnati and Toledo, but now a days, it takes you on a 45 minute ride up and down the canal, including a passage through one of the original locks which raised (or lowered) the boat to accommodate changes in water level. (Note that the crew of the boat acts in period-appropriate fashion -- We confused them when we asked them to take a picture with what they called "that newfangled camera device".)

Map: Providence Metro Park

Step 58: See the Frog Statues (58)

While you're in Toledo, you may notice a number of huge, fiberglass frogs in city parks or in front of various civic or corporate buildings. They were created by local artists in 2001, and sold by the city later that year as a fundraiser for local charities. (We posed with one outside the fire department at Washington and Ontario streets.) If you want to see more of them while you're in town, check out this list.

The Frogs Around Town

Step 59: Wander Through the 577 Foundation (59)

The 577 Foundation is a wonderful historical site located on East Front Street in Perrysburg, Ohio, where you and your family can participate in a variety of activities. The Foundation was created by Virginia Secor Stranahan to preserve the property for community events and education, and it now features a "once-read" book store (which raises money for charitable causes), a pottery barn where visitors can create ceramics, a geodesic bio-dome, and numerous other opportunities for fun and learning. We highly recommend strolling the grounds, but watch out for snakes (and the two very friendly dogs!)

Map: 577 Foundation

Step 60: Do Toledo (60)

If the other 59 stops weren't enough for you to fall in love with Toledo (again), stop by the Toledo Convention Center, which is located in the Seagate Center in Downtown Toledo on Summit Street. There you can pick up the official "Do Toledo" brochure, and get a "Do Toledo" card that can save you money in several locations in Toledo. You better hurry, though, because the Seagate Center is going to be undergoing renovations in the next couple of months!

Map: Do Toledo

Step 61: Thanks for Visiting!

We hope you enjoy your visit to Toledo as much as we've enjoyed putting together this Instructable for you! While we can't claim to have created this list of places to visit, we'd have to say that, based on our direct personal experience, they're a thoroughly enjoyable set of places to go while you're in town. (They'll also give you good overall introduction to the many, many opportunities there are in Toledo to experience our culture, our community, our sports and recreation, our local businesses, our festivals, and our tourist attractions).

Thanks for taking the time to read about our adventures, and enjoy Doing Toledo!

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    7 years ago

    You guys did an awesome job of putting this together. I for one love Toledo and you did a good job on showing the best part's of Toledo! Good Job!


    10 years ago on Step 8

    Visiting the dump does not count as a touristy thing to do...sorry!


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 8

    Yah; I know. We created this Instructable partly in response to a contest in which we had to visit a recycling center.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I was in Toledo last year and must have got stuck in the bad end of town ? being english I really didn't want to get out of my car , is that just stupid ?
     mind you it wasn't as bad as some parts of Detroit ..

     Is it right that if the buildings have window bars then you're in the wrong part of town ?

     Maybe next time i'm there i'll try downtown.. you've made me think it's all in my head hehehe

    Richard UK


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Yes.. seeing bars on windows and doors is NOT a good sign of the neighborhood quality. 

    To do Toledo
    To do Toledo

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

     May not have been in the best part of town. Some people have bars on doors as decoration and it's in a good part of town.  

    Next time you come to Toledo area you may want to stick to the guide book. 


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, I just graduated from up there at BGSU a few months ago. Quite a few of that stuff I have done. Cheers..


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I live about halfway between Toledo and Cleveland. I whole-heartedly recommend that if you can't do everything on this list, at least do Tony Packo's (11), The Zoo (48) (especially cool around Christmas), and the art museum (18). One that's not mentioned here... drive south on I-75 and catch a BGSU Falcons Hockey Game (Valid between October and March, only. Otherwise, go see the Mudhens (24).)


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I love tony pacoes they have the best dogs I have ever tasted if you put one of there hotdogs on your head your toung will beat your brains out trying to get to it


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    Thanks for the suggestions! There are many great places in Toledo that aren't in our list (which was determined by the EPIC race committee), but it's a reasonable start.


    are you kidding. out of that entire list ive only done one of those and i live 15 minutes away. btw you forgot to mention the many night clubs and fine joints such as platnums and club soda and dont forget about the shed only the best smoke shop around


    13 years ago on Step 22

    You offer a lot of great suggestions others a little lame. I never thought of taking tours at The Islamic Center or Fox news channel. Thanks for putting this together, all though it is a little weird that you have the same shirt on in every picture. You might want to do number 43 and get new shirts.

    To do Toledo
    To do Toledo

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    We had to have the same shirt on that was part of the requirements of the "contest" we entered. We used instructables as our publisher. Not sure what you mean by doing number 43 and get new shirts. Tech Tattoos don't do shirts!


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I've lived near Toledo all of my life and I have to say one of the best places that would have made the top of my list was COSI its a shame it closed... Other than that great list!


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    There's a COSI in Columbus, you can come visit us.


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    Yeah, it's too bad COSI closed! I'm glad my kids got to see it before it shut down, but I'd like to take them there again now that they're older. There's some possibility it will reopen in the future; acc. to the Blade, they're delaying selling off the displays on the theory that funding will be available in the future.