Introduction: How to Do Video Streaming From Drones Using Intel Edison

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Video Streaming is an essential part of any Drone Application. Drones provide us with the ability to stream videos from different angles. If done right, you can capture beautiful moments from intricate angles.

This article is a step by step guide on how to do Video Streaming from your Drone.

I am using an Intel Edison board and FlytOS to operate my drone.

Before we begin, there are some hardware and software requirements to do this correctly.

Hardware Requirements:

1. Intel Edison Board

2. USB Camera

3. Power Adapter

4. OTG Cable

Software Requirements:

1. FlytOS

Other Requirements: You need to have a FlytBase account, it's free.

Step 1: Setup FlytOS on Intel Edison Board

  1. Log in to your My FlytBase account
  2. Click on Downloads
  3. Locate the Intel Edison tab and download the FlytOS image for your board.
  4. Once the download is complete, Flash the FlytOS image onto the Intel Edison board

Step 2: Connect Camera With OTG to Your Board

OTG is used to connect to USB drives and hard disks. Connect your Edison board and the USB Camera using the OTG cable.

Step 3: Power on the Board and Connect to WiFi

After flashing FlytOS Image, power on your Intel Edison board, a WiFi access point is created on the device on system startup with the following credentials:

ssid: edison_wifi

Password: FlytPOD123

Connect to the access point on another computer.

Step 4: Setup FlytConsole

Open the FlytConsole in your laptop using URL: flytpod/flytconsole or http:///flytconsole

You will be greeted by a Dashboard. The Dashboard displays the Connection status, Battery status, GPS status, Frame type and RC Mode.

In the dashboard, click on Video tab.

Step 5: Stream Your Video

From the drop down list in the Video tab, choose Live Video Streaming.

You will see a video that displays the live stream of video directly being captured by the camera attached to your Edison board.

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