How to Do Web Development on a Chromebook.

Introduction: How to Do Web Development on a Chromebook.

Chromebooks run completely online, so finding an IDE can be very hard, so doing web development can be slightly difficult. This guide will teach you how to web develop on a Chromebook. It is recommended that you know how to code in HTML5. Obviously.

Step 1: Make a Liveweave Account.

Go to the Liveweave website and click the login button. Click the "Sign up for a new account button". You will be prompted to create an account. Follow the instructions and you will be up and running.

Step 2: Create New Folder on Desktop.

Call it anything you want. For this tutorial, we will create a folder called "Tutorial site". This folder is where your html files will go.

Step 3: Begin to Code Your Website!

Liveweave has windows for HTML, CSS, and Javascript coding, so making a website is compact and easy with Liveweave. This is just one page your site.

Step 4: Download HTML File.

On Liveweave, click "Tools" and click "Download as HTML file". Then, put the new HTML file in the file we created earlier. We are done!

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