Introduction: How to Do Your Eye Makeup (for Every Occasion)

This is designed for people who want to try their hand at makeup for the first time. With these basic steps, you can accomplish any look you're going for.

Step 1: Choose Your Makeup

You will need:

- 1 eyeshadow pallet

- 1 highlighter pallet

- Mascara

- Setting spray

- Makeup brushes ( small)

- An index card (or tape)

You do not need these specific brands. You may use any brand you like.

Step 2: Choosing Your Colors

For a smokey effect, you must use a darker shade for the outer corner of your eye, and a light/contrasting color for your inner eye.

Step 3: Choosing the Last Color

The center of your eyelid should be able to bring the contrasting colors together. Choose a color that blends in nicely with the darker and lighter shade you chose.

Step 4: Outer Corner

Start with your outer corner. Take the dark shade that you chose, and apply a small amount to your brush. Place the index card (or tape) right below the waterline of your eye on your bottom lid, then with the brush blend out from where the index card ends to the top of your eye crease.

Step 5: Darker Shade Is Done

This is how your outer corner should look. The index card makes sure that the eyeshadow doesn't go all over the place.

Step 6: Middle of Your Eye

Next, take the transition shade (in this case, I chose pink), and blend it from the middle of your eye to the beginning of the outer corner. Make sure to blend both colors together.

Step 7: Inner Eye Setting Spray

Next, take a smaller brush and apply the inner corner color to it. Use the setting spray to make the color pop. Spray once on the brush.

Step 8: Inner Eye Color

Apply from your inner corner to the middle of your eye. Once again, blend the two colors together so its a subtle transition between colors.

Step 9: Under Eye Color

Using the same shade as the outer corner, dab a little bit of the color onto a smaller sized brush (in this case, a smudge brush).

Step 10: Under Eye

Place the darker shade right underneath the waterline of your under eye. Blend out until the middle of the under eye.

Step 11: Inner Under Eye Color

Using a highlighter pallet, take a light shade that goes well with the colors you chose, and tap a little product onto the brush.

Step 12: Highlight the Under Eye

Take the brush and place the product on the inner corner underneath your waterline. Drag the color to the middle and blend it with the darker shade.

Step 13: Mascara

After eyeshadow has been applied, out mascara on both your top and bottom lashes.

Step 14: Setting Spray

Finish off the look by spraying 1-3 times with the setting spray. This locks the makeup in place for several hours.