Introduction: How to Do a Back Tuck

Today we will be showing you how to get your back tuck and what skills to work on. Once you practice these steps, you will be able to do a back tuck after some time. Good Luck!!

Step 1: Warm- Up and Stretch

Before you begin to tumble, you need to be warmed up and stretched. This is important so that you can prevent injuries and it will also help you with your skills! Below we have included a simple stretching routine:

1. Jog for one minute

2. 25 jumping jacks

3. 10 arm circles back and forward

4. Lean over and touch your toes, hold for 30-60 seconds

5. Sit down and straddle. Do 30 seconds on each side and middle

6. Put your feet out in front of you and grab your toes. Pull upwards

7. Do a butterfly with your legs, and push your knees down

8. Lean over in this position for 30 seconds

9. Splits on each leg for 30-60 seconds

10. Stretch your wrists, ankles, shoulders, and neck

11. Hold a strong bridge with your shoulders pushed out, legs together, and straight for 30 seconds

11. Shake out and do any other stretches needed

Step 2: Warm - Up Tumbling

Make sure you can do a strong....

1. Handstand

2. Cartwheel

3. Round off

4. Back walk-over

5. Front walk-over

6. Back handspring- this is very important

8. And possibly a round off or round off back handspring tuck

Step 3: Practice High Straight Jumps

Stand on a flat surface and jump as high as you can, pushing out of your toes. Make sure your arms are up straight, covering your ears.

Step 4: Add a Tuck in the Legs

Now, when you jump, tuck your legs to your chest, but don't flip!

Step 5: Strengthen Your Legs

In order to do a back tuck, you must have strong legs. Do these exercises to strengthen your legs:

1. 15 squats

2. 10 box jumps (Higher height once you get more comfortable)

3. 30 calf raises

4. 25 frog jumps

Step 6: Handsprings Off High Object

To gain awareness of your body and eliminate fear, start by getting out a mat, mattress, pillows, etc. When doing the handspring off the object, think about going up and then back.

Step 7: Bend Legs

Once you get the simple back handspring down, bend your legs to get a more "tucked" feel. Again, think about going up and then back. Do this a few times until it gets easy and your hands barely touch the ground.

Step 8: Pull Your Arms Up

Now, try to pull your arms up and don't touch the ground. It's okay if you fall on your knees because we haven't begun to pull our legs yet.

Step 9: Tuck Your Legs

Now when you do it off the object, tuck your legs. There are many ways to tuck and pull your legs....

1. The "no-grab" tuck

2. The "cannon-ball" tuck

3. The "grab-those-thighs" tuck

4. The "under the thighs" tuck

5. The "under the ankles" tuck

Some of these will work better for you than others, and it depends on the person. Try each when your first beginning, and decide which one is right for you.

Step 10: Try It on a Flat Surface

After you try each way, and decide which ones best for you, do the tuck off the object a few more times. When you feel very comfortable with this, try to do it on a flat surface. Don't be afraid to fail! If you fall, keep trying. Tumbling doesn't always happen in one night. It may take you a few tries or days or months or years, but if you try your hardest, you will succeed!!