Introduction: How to Do a Backflip

In this instructable I will let you guys see how to do a backflip.

Step 1: Have a Trampoline

The trampoline needs to be big enough to do a backflip on.

Step 2: The Fall on Your Back

Stand on one side of the trampoline facing the right side and let yourself fall on your back.

(this is actually to give yourself a feeling of confidence)

Do this a couple of times till you feel comfortable.

Step 3: The Backwards Landing

First let yourself fall on your back again and then land back on your feet.

(this is also to give you a feeling of confidence and make the bounce more powerfull).

Step 4: Pull Over

First land on your back and than pull your body with all your power backwards.

This makes you rotate.

Step 5: Take Off With All Your Power

Now your going to do the backflip and you need to make sure that you change the upwards force into a rotating force.

Step 6: The Compression

Put your knees to your chest and lean your body backwards to get the full rotation.

Step 7: The Landing

After you performed the backflip, land nicely on your feet.

Well done! You can do a backflip!