Introduction: How to Do a Basic Blended Men's Haircut

This is a tutorial of how I, a professional hairstylist, cut a basic, blended men's haircut. In this tutorial I will be showing you how cut the top and sides and blend it all together.


What You Will Need:

Clippers- Any kind will do as long as you have guards. These are Wahl Magic Clip.

Trimmers- Yet again, doesn't matter what kind. I have Wahl Sterling Mag.

Guards- I used a #1 and #2. Most men use a #2 on their sides, but you can use any size that you want, as long as you choose one that you want your sides to be, and then one guard lower to blend with.

Squirt Bottle

Shears- Also known as "scissors". Hair cutting shears are ideal, but if all you have is kitchen scissors, for just a home, unprofessional haircut, they will work. They will just be a little bit harder to work with due to size and dullness.

Combs- You can use one comb if you prefer, I just personally prefer to have a blending come (the large one), but you can even blend with the smaller one. You'll just do smaller sections.

Step 1: Put Your #2 Guard On

You'd be surprised with how many people forget to put a guard on before they begin shaving. Place the #2 guard on (it should just clip on) because we are going to start with the sides.

Step 2: Cut the Sides

Take the clippers and shave up to about 3/4 of the head, or just before the head begins to curve (The line in the photo). It is better to go to low than too high because when we blend, we will just take out the access length. Do this all the way around the head.

Step 3: Put Your #1 Guard On

Put your #1 guard on and grab your comb.

Understanding why I blend with a #1:

When you shave the sides of the head, the idea is that the #2 goes all the way up (if it didn't the side of your head wouldn't be flat, your haircut would be lumpy), but because no one's hand is perfectly still I use a #1 and a comb (which acts as a #1 as well). #1+#1+ #2. Therefore, you're taking a #2 all the way up the side, the comb is just there to make sure you're staying straight.

Step 4: Blend the Sides

Put the comb onto the side of the head (like the photo). The hair that is sticking up is the hair we are going to cut. Run your clippers upward against the comb. This will cut the hair, and blend the sides into the top. Continue all the way around the head.

Step 5: Cutting the Top: Wet the Head.

The top is the most complicated part, so this will be done in multiple steps.

Take your squirt bottle and drench the top of the head. This will make the hair easier to work with and lines easier to see.

Step 6: Cut the Front According to Desired Length

Hold the hair up at the very front and ask how much they want off. Often people like their hair about an Inch and a half to two inches long on top, but this can differ from person to person. In the photo, I'm taking off about 1/4 of an inch. Cut off the desired length by holding the hair in one hand between your fingers (as shown) and using your shears in the other hand, cut above your fingers. You have created your "guide".

Step 7: Cut Your Guide Across the Head

Side Note: A "guide" is the desired length of the haircut. By cutting the hair from the side of your client (as shown), you are now bringing your guide throughout the whole head. This is setting you up for when you move back behind your client, you can make sure the length is the same all over.

Now that your have your guide, stand at the side of your client and hold the hair as shown. You will notice the hair in the front is shorter because your just cut it. Match your fingers up to where you can cut the hair in your fingers to the same length as the front. Do this and then do it again, until there is a line of the desired length (shorter hair) going down the middle of the head.

Step 8: Recap

You should have just cut a dip into the middle of the head.

Step 9: Cut the Middle

Now that there is a guide down the entire middle portion of the head, stand behind the client again. You are going to take sections of the hair from the middle (as shown) and cut the length to the same as the shortest piece (your guide). Do this all the way back until you have cut the entire middle portion of the head.

Step 10: The the Right and Left of the Top

Now you will do the same, except on the sides. Start at the front of the hair, lift it, and see where the hair is shorter, cut all the hair to that length. Do this all the way back on both the left and the right sides.

Step 11: Recap

You should have just cut the middle, right, and left, making the length of the hair all the same.

Step 12: Outline

Now that the tops and sides are done, you are going to do the outline. This includes cutting sideburns, around the ears, and the neckline.

Step 13: Outline Continued

This client has a beard, so I left the sideburns alone, but you would typically just cut them shorter, by shaving the line up. Go Around the ears carefully. Don't cut into the hairline, but rather just make sure no hair is touching the ear.

Step 14: Final Step: Neckline

You can't really tell since my client is blonde, but his neckline is round. Go around and follow the natural neckline, but just straighten out the line and clean up any extra hair on their neck.

Step 15: Completed!

Good job! Now you can do your own haircuts at home.