Introduction: How to Do a Cartoon Project With Airblock and Paper Cups

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Hi everyone, Airblock always encourages people to create their own DIY projects. Today we will teach you how to do a cartoon project with Airblock and paper cups.

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Step 1:

1. Draw a cartoon pattern or search for your favorite image on the internet. Now please try to make a project with 6 paper cups, for example, three cute cartoon figures.

Step 2:

2. Find some used paper cups.

Step 3:

3. Each head needs two cups. One is used as the base for ventilation.

Step 4:

4. Another is used as the head of the cartoon figure, specifically being a hamlet or hair.

Step 5:

5. Cut the shape of arms with a thin but tough piece of paper and attach them to the paper cups with double-sided adhesive. Note that the length of the arm is the maximum working range of the two cups. After sticking the arms to the cups, you need to overlay two cups, and fold the arms.

Step 6:

6. Reverse Airblock’s blade modules, and then fix the paper cups to the blade modules. So that when the motor starts, the propeller will blow air into the paper cups, pushing the upper one to move up and down. Combine different cartoon images, you can design more interesting dancing paper cartoon dolls.

Step 7:

7. Combined with Makeblock App, Airblock can control the speed of each motor, rotation time, etc., to let the dolls dance.

Step 8: Makeblock Programming Interface

The Modular and Programmable Starter Drone. Construct your dream !

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