Introduction: How to Do a Classical Ballet Bun

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In this instructable I will teach you how to do a classical ballet bun with your hair! Enjoy! :)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need...


-Smoothing brush

-Water squirt bottle

-Hair gel

-2 hair bands


-Hair net that matches your hair color

Step 2: Brush Out Your Hair

First brush out your hair with a hairbrush, this will make it easier to work your hair into a bun.

Step 3: Flip Your Head Upside Down

For this first step, just flip your head upside down and using just your hands, gather your hair on the crown of your head.

Step 4: Do the 1st Ponytail

The first ponytail will just have your hair all in one place, so it doesn't really matter if there are some bumps because we will fix those later. Flip yourself right side up and wrap the two hair bands around your hair about 2-3 times. You should have a ponytail on the crown of your head.

Step 5: Spray With Water

Squirt some water around your ponytail to wet the hair and make it easier to smooth out and make tighter.

Step 6: Lather on Some Hair Gel

You may be wondering why we are adding two things onto your hair instead of just brushing it. Well, what we are trying to do is make it easier for us to hold our hair tight and smooth out the bumps. Squirt some gel onto your hands and smooth it onto the ponytail from the edges of the hair up to the hair band.

Step 7: Smooth It Out

Now we will smooth it out by taking your smoothing brush and brushing back any bumps towards the hair band at the crown of your head.

Step 8: Slide Out the 1st Ponytail

Keep one hand wrapped around the hair where the hair band is and use the other hand to carefully slide out the hair bands.

Step 9: Smooth Out Extra Bumps

Now take your smoothing brush again and brush back the bumps by the ponytail while making sure you keep tigthly holding the ponytail in place

Step 10: Do the 2nd Ponytail

Now take your 2 hair bands and wrap them around as tight as possible at the crown of your head again. You don't want to feel like your ponytail or bun is loose or will fall out during class.

Step 11: Twist the Hair in the Ponytail

Now that the hard part is done (the ponytail), we can move on to the actual bun. First, take the hair in the ponytail and twist it.

Step 12: Wrap the Hair in a Flat Bun

Now, you will take your twisted hair and wrap it around like a bun, keeping your hand on the top so it stays flat.

Step 13: Put 1 Pin In

Take one pin and put it in where the end of your hair and the bun meet

Step 14: Put on Your Hairnet

Take your hairnet and put it around the bun once, then twist the end and wrap it around again until it fits around your bun.

Step 15: Hold Your Bun and Start Pinning

Hold your bun flat and take pins and start inserting them around your bun until you have gone all the way around.

Step 16: Now You Have a Ballet Bun!

You are finished!!Thank you for looking at my instructable and enjoy your ballet bun! :)