Introduction: How to Spy With Skype on a Mac

This is a method of spying on someone when they walk into a room and there is a computer there, this is a way for you to see and here what is going on without them knowing. You can also use this as a prank and say weird things into the mic and scare people. Not for illegal activities.  Happy Spying! I will have a pc version soon!

Step 1: Send a Call

Send a call from the computer that you are using to the device that will be in the room.  Go into the room and accept the call. If the device that is in the room is capable of video, than click the video icon so that you can also see what is happening in the room.

Step 2: Accept Call

Accept the call on the computer that is in the room.

Step 3: Receiving the Call

You can receive the call from any device that can use skype.  

Step 4: Click the Video Icon

Click the Video icon so that you can see what is going on

Step 5: Hide the Call on a Mac Computer

Hide the call on the mac computer by moving your mouse onto the dock, pressing and holding on the skype icon, and then when the screen darkens, there will be a hide icon, click it.  

Step 6: Hide the Call on an IPhone

To hide it on the iPhone you aren't exactly hiding it.  You will just leave the phone till the screen gets dark.  You can leave it in the charger so that it looks like its charging or put it in a secret location.
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