Introduction: How to Do an Action Cam Clip Head Mount With Wood!

Why should i make a support for your action cam?

'cause are so expensive, two plastic pieces sold for their weight in gold. With a few of willpower you can obtain an amazing homemade object!

Step 1: Supplies

You need only simple material:

  • A piece of wood, well pressed to avoid fraying
  • Drill
  • Drill bit of 5mm
  • Self-tapping screw
  • Screw M5
  • n°2 Nut M5
  • n°3 Nails
  • Grindstone
  • Sandpaper

And stop!

Step 2: Drawing Your Guideline

If, as in my case, you've a ribbon glasses large 40mm, you draw two parallel line of 50mm. The image talks itself.

The dimensions required for my Sony HDR-AZ1 are: 70mm high, 80mm wide and 8/9mm thick.

Step 3: Make You Drill

As you can see in the pics, it's required several holes. Naturally you must follow the guideline you had drawn before. I used a drill tip of 5mm but it's indifferent the size; only the necessary to permise to pass at the ribbon glasses.

Step 4: Combine Holes

Combine holes, smooth and chamfer ALL edges.

If you don't know how to combine holes, go on my video posted at the end

Step 5: Realize the Base

It's 35x80 mm thick 8/9mm

Before to

Step 6: Study Where to Do the Hole

Positioning your action camera you can know where you should drill. In my case it's 20mm distant from the side and 17mm from the other side. Now you must use your drill tip of 5mm to allow at the screw to pass!

To fix the two parts i used three nails mounted like you can see in the image in 'combine holes'

Then, i used a little self-tapping screw to fix the rotation of camera.

In my case, thanks to the wide angle without steadyshot, I had to eliminate a part of the wide (unnecessary if u do the things right)

Step 7: Mounting Screw

Mounting screw with the nuts like in the photo.

Step 8: And This Is the Result

Now, you make pass the ribbon in the "c" and tadah!

Sorry for the english! It's my first instructables, pardon!