Introduction: How to Download Free Software As an ISU Student (Microsoft, Adobe, and Security Software

For Adobe: go to step 1.

For Microsoft: go to step 8.

For Security: go to step 12.

For Azure: go to step 16.

Step 1:

1. Go to

Step 2:

2. Next go to the Student Access Request tab and fill out the form.

Step 3:

3. You will see this page and then wait for an email.

Step 4:

4. Once you receive the email it will take up to an hour to activate your license once that happens go to and sign in using your ilstu UlLD and password.

Step 5:

5. Once an hour or so has passed sign into Adobe and select school account.

Step 6:

6. It will redirect you to the ISU central login page. After entering your ULID and password you will be able to access the Adobe website.

Step 7:

7. From here you can download any Adobe product or service for free.

Step 8:

For Microsoft Office:

1. Go to and log in with your ISU email address and password.

Step 9:

2. In the top right, click “Install Office.”

Step 10:

3. From dropdown, click “Office 365 Apps.”

Step 11:

4. Once the file downloads, open it, follow steps, and sign in with ilstu account.

Step 12:

Step 13:

2. Select your software of choice. There is a short description beneath each download. Read to find software that suits your needs.

Step 14:

3. Specific software might need your ULID and Password. Enter these as needed.

Step 15:

4. Once downloaded automatically, follow on-screen installation wizard instructions per the software of choice.

Step 16:

For Azure:

1. Go to and click on the azure tab

Step 17:

2. Click on the link to

Step 18:

3. Next click on the azure website, click on sign in.

Step 19:

4. It will take you to an ISU login page. Sign in on this page.

Step 20:

5. This will take you to the home page for Azure which looks like this. On this page select the software tab to the left.

Step 21:

6. Under the software tab you can search for the software you would like to download. Use the smaller search bar just above the number of items, not the large one at the top.

Step 22:

7. For example you can search for Microsoft Visio.

Step 23:

8. When downloading, you will need to click on the view key and save it for when you download the product.

Step 24:

9. Once downloaded enter the key to activate your license and begin using the software.