Introduction: How to Download Minecraft 1.8

This diy will show you how to download minecraft 1.8

Step 1: Downloading

At the end of this step, you will have ONLY the free demo of minecraft but we will get to the real game later.
So... go to any website that you can download it for free. Then once you've downloaded it, at the bottom of your google screen it will say would you like to open,run or save minecraftexe or whatever its called. Save it and then go to your home menu (save menu) and open minecraft.

Step 2: Payment

This step shows the cheapest and easiest way to get the full game. However, you will need an adult and transportation and money.
So you will firstly need to go to the supermarket and go to the card section. There you will find a minecraft account card with a Steve on it. If not go to another store. It will cost about 25 dollars in Australia.

Step 3: Loading Your Card and Your Account

Well this is the last step. What you do is search up on the internernt redeem your minecraft account card. Click on the one thats on the mojang website. Redeem your card and it will ask for a username you want to use in minecraft. Then it will ask for security details. Write stuff YOU will rememmber.Then you will be able to play. The End
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