How to Download Music From Youtube Free?

Introduction: How to Download Music From Youtube Free?

This tutorial teaches how you can download music from youtube without installing any software online for free. You just need to have a stable internet connection, to download music online.

You can easily download music on computers or mobile devices.

Step 1: Open Browser

Open your preferred browser. You can use any browser, such as Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Just click or double click on the Chrome icon(It's a red, green, yellow, and blue sphere) to open the browser window.

Step 2: Navigate to

Navigate to After browser open, type in the address bar and search. This will open the homepage in your browser window.

Step 3: Type for Any Song and Click "search"

You can search for any song lyrics, names, or artists.

Step 4: Click Any Song to Open Video

In this step, you just have to click the song you want to download.

Step 5: Copy Youtube Song URL

Just copy the youtube song URL (CTRL + C in Windows) or (COMMAND + C in Mac).

Step 6: Navigate to

Just open in your browser another tab. The You2Mp3 music downloader page will open.

Step 7: Paste Youtube Song URL in Search Box

After the you2mp3 music downloader opens, Just paste (CTRL + V in Windows ) or (COMMAND + V) the Youtube Song URL and click the "search" button.

Step 8: Click "Download" Button to Start Song Download

Just Click the "download" button which is in the first position. (which is located right next to your song).

Step 9: Enjoy Free Music

Your Song will be downloaded for free. You can listen to it now.

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