Introduction: How to Download Spotify on a Iphone 7

This is a tutorial on how to download Spotify on your Iphone 7. Ios 11.0 and up

Step 1: Power Your Phone on

First, you need to power your phone on. The power button is on the right side of the phone. It is about half a inch long and is located on the right side of the phone (not the left). Press it in quickly but firmly.

Step 2: How to Unlock Your Phone

Once you have powered the phone on press the home button. It is located on the bottom of the screen and is about the size of your thumb. Press it in and then it will ask for your password.

Step 3: The Password

Once you have made it to the screen that it asks for the password click on the following digits. 1234 Boom your phone is now unlocked.

Step 4: How to Find the App Store

Now that your Phone is unlocked swipe down on your screen and type in "App Store" it looks like a blue square with a triangle inside of it. Click on it

Step 5: How to Find Spotify in the App Store

Now you are in the App store look at the bottom and find the magnify glass.

Step 6: Finding the Search Bar

Once you have clicked the magnify glass on the bottom a screen will pop up and it says search at the top click on the search bar.

Step 7: Typing in Spotify

Now you have the search bar opened there should be a key board at the bottom. Type the word Spotify, Then in the bottom right off the screen press the blue search bar

Step 8: Something That May Get in the Way

Something that may get in the way is a advertisement of another app above the Spotify download button

Step 9: How to Install

Once you have searched Spotify scroll down just a little bit and find the Spotify get button.

Step 10: Password

Once you hit the get button it will ask for either your touch ID or password type.

Step 11: Home Button

Like i showed on the previous slide click the Home Button and it will bring you to the home screen.

Step 12: Find the Application

swipe to the right and try to locate the spotify app. Then click on it

Step 13: Opening the App

Once you have the app open click the button get started

Step 14: Sign Up

Now you are in the app click on the "Sign Up" button

Step 15: Type in Your Email

click on the email text box and type in a previous email you already have set up, and then type it in again below to verify your email.

Step 16: Password

now type in your password you will always remember or write it down.

Step 17: Username

Create a username. The name will always stick with your account.

Step 18: Birthday

Enter your birthday and if your to young just lie about your age, Then click the login in button

Step 19: Accept the Terms and Conditions

Now you are logged in Accept the terms and conditions and click the magnify button on the bottom to search your music. Once you have found your song click on it and it will play.

Step 20: Volume

A way to turn the volume level up or down while listening to the music is by the two button on the left side of the phone. The button on the top turns the volume up and the one on the bottom turns the volume down.

Step 21: Play or Pause

A way to play or pause is to hit the international play/pause button located on bottom right of your screen.