Introduction: How to Draw 3D Letters!

In this Instructable, I will show you how to draw your basic 3D letters(:

Step 1: The Materials!

All you shall need is:
1.) paper
2.) pencil
3.) your creative self!

Step 2: Draw the Letters

First you draw the letters you need, like so: 
(sorry they are backwards!)

Step 3: Draw Edges on the Letters

Now draw edges on them as though they were actually 3D. make sure all the letters are all the same size along with their edges. And remember... it doesn't have to look perfect.

Step 4: Finishing Up

To finnish up, you make sure you haven't left out any edges... make sure to get the inside of the letters. For example, look at the R. See how I drew in a bit of the inside of the top? That gives it the realistic look. 
Then color in the letters how ever you want. As you can see, I did A-K in pink with black edges, then the rest white with black edges. Its ok if you don't color the letters but I do recommend coloring the edges so it will look neater (though this isn't my neatest work ever)

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT, some beautiful 3D letters!