How to Draw: Anime Girl Face

Introduction: How to Draw: Anime Girl Face

Hello and welcome to this Instructable!

As the title suggests, I will be showing you anime fans how to draw a girl's face.

I will guide you through the whole process including the materials required and all steps needed to ensure that no mistakes happen in the process

Images and a video tutorial will be given so that you can follow along


  • A range of pencils going from 3H to 3B (this is needed to start with different layers of pencil strength)
  • A blank A4 piece of paper (preferably a couple in case of any do-overs)
  • A good quality eraser that properly gets rid of pencil lines

Step 1: Foundation of the Drawing

The first step when starting your anime drawing is to create a circle as equal as you can. This gives you a starting outline of what most generic anime head's look like

After creating a circle, you have to create a line straight down the middle and let the line come just a tiny bit out of the circle. The line and circle help you with the form of the cheeks and the chin. As seen above you only start to curve into the chin just under the circle. This gives more space for the head in general and more space for the mouth.

After finishing the jaw, you have to make a horizontal line through the circle, this will also guide you on further steps

Tip: When drawing a line, make sure not to draw in one line as you could easily mess it up, rather you should use the pencil to brush the line down.

Step 2: Facial Line Guides

The first thing that you need to do after you are finished with Step 1 is to create the shapes of both ears in between the middle line and the cheek. This will help show where the rest of the facial features go.

After completing the outline of the ear, make a line that goes through the middle of the line all the way to the other side. In between the available space from the two lines is where the eyes will go

As eyes in anime tend to be very big and bubbly, most of the space available inside the lines will be directed towards the eyes (as seen above).

Step 3: Drawing the Eyes

Warning: Be careful with the thickness of the pencil if you are inexperienced as you may not be able to erase it

When making the eyes you have to know that the top eyelashes are what really brings the form together.

Start off with a lighter pencil like a 2H or H and create a half-circle form that reaches both lines..

After completing the eyelashes for both sides you have to make a bubbly 0 shape. This step is crucial as if you make it too small then it would look out of place and if you make it too large then it would not tell the difference between the eye and the eyelashes

Anime eyes usually have highlights which are where light reflects off the eye. I simply made circles on both sides to show the point of reflection.

Step 4: Ears and Facial Features/Removing Guide Lines

You will need to remove all the guidelines that you previously had, this step will clean up your drawing and make it look a lot tidier. After removing the lines, just go over it with a darker pencil to make it look cleaner. however, do not make the top of the head darker as later on, you will need to remove it.

Creating the nose is not a difficult task and there is not only one way to do so, you can also change the nose depending on the style that you are trying to make. With the mouth, I tried to make the corners of it darker to show the dent that most people have when smiling like that

Lastly, add the minor details to the ears and eyes such as the eyebrows in case you want to have them shown for the final.

Step 5: Draw the Front Hair

Now remove the top of the circle as the hair in anime is a lot larger than it seems.

Make sure that the hair bangs do not cover the eyes and barely overlap the eyebrows. This is the standard "cute" in anime. If you make hair come out of one of the sides make sure it comes out the other.

Note: If you want the ears to be shown, make sure to have the side hair either removed or changed in a way to not have them overlap the ears.

Step 6: Main Hair

When drawing the rest of the hair after the front side, you have to let the top side of the hair slightly push over both sides. This makes the hair look a lot more fluffy and anime-like.

When drawing the back part and individual strands of hair be careful not to let it be too stiff or too bubbly, as this could ruin the quality of the hair and make it look terrible

Step 7: (OPTIONAL)

If you would like to, you could add on and make the upper part of the upper body, to make the character look more alive than by just leaving it there.

However, if you want to keep it without the body' then go to the last step

Step 8: The End

If you have completed all the steps, I would like to congratulate you on completing the drawing.

Now you can put it in a nice canvas and hang it up somewhere in your house and wait for your family's reaction to it!

Thank you for reading and following along to this Instructable and any feedback would be appreciated!

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