Introduction: How to Draw BB-8

A quick, simple tutorial on how to draw Star Wars' BB-8.

Step 1: What You'll Need

I used brush tip markers, a mechanical pencil, and a ultra fine tip sharpie, but any type of markers and pencil will work.

Step 2: Body Outline

Draw a circle. This will be BB-8s body.

Step 3: Plates

Draw semicircles that stop on the outline of his body. These will be his metal plates.

Step 4: Details

In this step, you can really decide weather to make it detailed like mine, or just add some lines and boxes. It's all up to you.

Step 5: More Detail...

Now add some curved lines between the plates, That will give him a more round look. Also, if you want to, add some small circles on either side of of the curved lines to represent bolts and screws.

Step 6: Head

Now add BB-8s head. It's basically just a half circle on top of his body with 2 lines going inward at the bottom.

Step 7: Details of the Upper Half

Now we will add some details to his head. Start with a large circle on the left side for his eye. Then to the right and down of the eye, add a smaller circle for his sensor.

Step 8: More Head Work...

Now add 2 antennas to the top of his head. One can be taller then the other. Also has 2 lines to the bottom of his head and one at the top like in the picture.

Step 9: Sharpie!

Now we will outline certain parts of BB-8 with the thicker sized marker.

Step 10: More Sharpie!

Now, with the thin sharpie, outline the rest of BB-8. After this step there should be sharpie over all the pencil, unless your keeping yours black and white.
Remember to erase the stray lines of pencil.

Step 11: Color!

Now with your orange marker, color in the circles on his body and some other boxes and circles.

Step 12: Final Step!

Now I'm going to use the grey marker and color in some of his circles and palates on both his body and his head. Im also going to color his eye in completely black.

Step 13: Complete !

Now you're done with your BB-8!