Introduction: How to Draw Cilan

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Im eka and today im going to show you how to draw Cilan.

I dont usually do sketches (fact:i never unless i am drawing a tutorial)

It was fun to make this.

10 likes and I will teach you how to draw Chili or Cress (sketch included)


IbisPaint or anything related

Finger or stylus (i used my finger because im bad at using a stylus)

Step 1: Draw the Sketch in a Separate Layer

Step 2: Draw the Eyes and Add Detail

Dont forget to erase the sketch!

Step 3: Draw the Ears

Step 4: Draw His Hair and Add Detail

Step 5: Make His Neck Cuff

Step 6: Draw His Bowtie

Step 7: Draw His Suit and Add Detail

9 (seven is my unlucky number)

Step 8: Color

Step 9: Shade and Your Done!