Introduction: How to Draw Godzilla: the King of the Monsters

In this Instructables we'll show you how to draw Godzilla The King of the Monsters from the new Godzilla movie remake.

Step 1: Draw the Head

First, draw a basic outline of the head. Draw a sketch of the head first focusing on the mouth because the mouth is a more detailed part of the head due to the mouth's shape, teeth, and tongue. Then focus on the eyes making a deep socket and an angry brow on top. Then the nose should be a little round.

Step 2: Drawing the Neck and Back

In this step you'll mainly be focusing on the scales on Godzillas back and neck. Once again, draw a basic out line. I started at the neck where it connects with the head. I did the head first, because we will be working our way down to the tail. We will be focusing on the spikes which are lined on his back and one of the most distinguishing details of the King of the Monsters.(Try to make the spikes sharp and almost random looking).

Step 3: Drawing the Arm and Leg

The third step, is to draw the out line of the arm and leg. First you need to make an outline of the arm that lies on top of the stomach and behind the neck then draw the outline of the stomach that connects to the hind leg. Remember you need to make space for Godzilla's leg because it is huge.

Step 4: Drawing the Tail and Foreground

Now that you have the main outline of Godzilla's body and his spikes, you can draw his massive tail. You have to draw his tail proportionately from the base of his rear end to the edge of the paper and connect it to the foreground. But you won't actually see the tail just the spikes on the tail rising from the water, then add the foreground's outline.

Step 5: Adding Detail and Shading

First, add the dark shades of Godzilla's ridges and his scales. Then add the darker shades of Godzilla's shadow under his neck, body, and behind his leg where it connects with the tail. Then add the shades of Godzilla's spikes. Start with the details on the face, the mouth has folds in the skin because Godzilla's mouth is open you'll also need to shade inside his mouth. Then draw the nostril slanted a little to the right. Now the eyes, shade his eye socket in to make it look dark, then draw a ridge that goes to his back behind the spikes following the line where the angry brow ends, then shade and do the same to the ridge that's to the right and down to the beginning of the first ridge. Now you just need to add some scales to him, making sure the spaces between the scales are dark these scales are all over him, but don't overdo them.

Step 6: Foreground and Background Details

Starting with the foreground you're going to want to draw water splashing on the tail spikes and a huge splash on the leg causing waves and making the water rise be sure to draw that too. Then draw a sunken aircraft carrier to the left of Godzilla showing only the bow and the rest of the ship underwater except for the tower, which is risen above the water, and another aircraft carrier crashing into the right side of his leg and only show the bow of this ship too the rest is underwater. Now in the background draw some fighter planes spinning out of control and draw a dark sky.

Step 7: Presto!!!!

The King of Monsters is ready to destroy a city and look good doing it!