How to Draw Hamtaro!

Introduction: How to Draw Hamtaro!

About: I love crafting, like stuff for toys. I also love baking, and I find many great recipes on here. That's all I have to say, cause' I can't think of anything else :)

Since Hamtaro is the main character, I decided to draw him this time! Thank you for viewing! hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Draw the Ears and Fur

Step 2: Finish Up Drawing the Head

Step 3: Draw the Body and the Feet

Step 4: Draw the Paws and the Tail

Step 5: Draw the Eyes and the Ear Details

Step 6: Finish Drawing the Eyes, Add the Whiskers, Nose, Mouth, Stripe, and Then You're Done!

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    5 years ago

    Who's hamotaro?