Introduction: How to Draw Lips

 So almost a year ago, I made a tutorial on how to draw eyes. But eyes are just part of the face, today lets learn how to draw more of the facial features, the lips! These are not that hard to draw, but it will take some practice.

You will need:
  • A pencil (i used hb mechanical for these, nothing special)
  • Paper (duh)

Step 1: Basic Outline

You want to now sketch in the basic outline of the lips. Remeber that the bottom lip is always fuller that the top lip, and that the top lip does not curve upwards much when a person is smiling.

Step 2: Shape

Now you want to erase and add some lines, to form the basic shape of the lips. Notice the 3 distinct curves: at the top of the lip, closer to the nose;  and the two in the middle of the lip. Make the 2 in the middle of the lip very subtle though, or else it will look wierd.

Step 3: Adding Lines

Now add some lines indicating the fullness of the lip.

Step 4: Adding More Lines

Now add lighter lines, and draw them in the direction the lips are going.

Step 5: More Lines!

Sorry, this pictures a little blurry. Add more 'little' lines on the bottom lip

Step 6: Shading and Light Direction

As you can see, I have drawn a sun here. The sun indicates your source of light, or where the light is comeing from. Make sure you shade the lips according to your light source. When you shade them, put emphasis on the point where the two lips meet, as this will be the darkest point, and needs to be shaded dark. Put shading towards the outer corners of the lips too, which is normally very dark.

Step 7: More Shading!

Shade the bottom lip now, and remember that the bottom lip normally reflects light more than the top lip.

Step 8: Little Details.........

Now finish the lips with little details. I drew creases at the corners of the mouth, to indicate smiling, and shaded a little bit under the bottom lip.