Introduction: How to Draw Lucario in Microsoft Paint

About: Im not gonna lie guys im pretty good at making pictres in Paint on my laptop and I like the smell of cats and pokemon are cool. Was once abduct by alien life and I can speak many language of birds.

Want to draw Pokémon in Microsoft Paint and impress your friends with how much you aren't wasting your life? This one is for you. You can even to make it your screen wallpapar unless you cant code. These methods can be use to make the other pokemons too if you like. Just grab some mountain dew and doritos to snack but don't let the fingers to dirty the computer so likc them clean.

Warning!!!: Drawing Pokémon is dangerous! This is not an activity for fan fiction artists, furries, illuminati, norml people, luck dragons, star wars larpers, spoilers, n00bs, your cat that sits on your keyboard and hands while you trying to 360 noscope, you, smokers, batman, or anyone who wants to spam the Google search bar with something disturbing! Spare the world from that since there is far too much already. Humanity thanks you for not do such practices. In all serius, please stop because I cant google any pokemon images without feeling grossed out or embarrassed or like I need to put windex or bleech in my eyes to clean. Safe search on google doesn't do good nuff job.

Other than that, have fun! Always remember No one likes a l33t hakr. If you want me in your minecraft faction I am pretty gud with redstone.

Step 1: Basic Shape

Now, I know that you may be thinking that it is not even kinda possible to draw something good in Paint.

Now to imagine your favorite pokemon... that's right, Wailmer. See it in your head from multiple degrees of angles and see the universe to bend around it. Now forget all that, this art is nothing like that.

Start with something basic to build off, like the head. Your perfectionists can use the pencil button, but I got it pretty good with a paint brush. Extra points if you are using a touch pad on a laptop to control your cursor. It is a good idea to use black as an outline bcuz it makes your image look so much sharp.

Next just draw the body attached to the head or something. It is probably looking GREAT by now. Yes I got my draw skills from my grandpa for he was a hunting man with a steady hand of a legendary archer.

Now you may be wondering how I got this to look so natural and smooth and its because I did not use shapes to build this uh, picture. I just free handed it and it looks amazind. like last picture and make sure there no lines that don't connect for when you get to color it with the bukkit or else you just lose.

Step 2: Fine Details

Now it is time to really get down to the complex stuff. the pencil works great for intricate pixel-by pixel stuff. The eraser is your friend, Use it to clean up those lines that extend too far. Zoom in to get at what you need to do or something. Make sure to get the shading just good or it will to look bad. just imagine there is a light to the side and all the dark anime past goes away from it but has to stick to the pokemon to drive it to get revenge for it dead family because they wer kill. Maybe this is in the manga because it still isn't the case and it is the 211th episode.

If you have been following along my process as I have been to draw this lucario, you should have something like this. Good JOB! :)

Now you can put on that Nyan cat loop to listen to now that its for the final touch time and you need your pick-me-up songs or not because linkin park makes great musick too. Whichever you prefer is best. These pictures can be a good album cover for a band maybe yours?

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Now all that needs to be done is use the fill bucket to put colors in! Just like the filler episodes of your favorit anime... wait, i no like anime because too much dramatic flashback monologue! Anyway use colors that closely match the ones the japaneeeez people used to make the Pokemon you are imitating. If you are making fake-mon, get a job cuz we don't want any of that unless they are really good.

You can make nice background if you don't want your picture against the tony stark white.

Now you write the name of your pokeman in the side corner thing so peeps know what they are looking at. Just look and the picture to be confused. But no, really you have a good drawing now and it is ready for the ridicule of your loved ones and to bring you eternal shame.

The best way is to forget about anything I just told you and just play the games that these electric monsters are in for real and understand that Lucario is good enough that he deserves to be in third generation Pokémon games like Ruby and Sapphire and Emerald since these are in fact the pinnacle of graphics and pokemon designs. Everything after Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum is just garbage and it would be better to play fan-made gamez than those ones, I mean have you seen those pokemon? So bad.

Hope you enjoyd this epic internet thing and have fun making your professional-grade pokemon pictures! Now don't be sad just for it to be over, I can put some more good pokemon later but for now this will have to be good.

Vote for Lolcario. It will brings the world to a better place ;) (5)(; >{ We can win it with power of friends.

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