Introduction: How to Draw Manga Chars. in Paint

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I am going to show you how to draw manga chars. like Naruto and Sasuke.
Maybe even ME!!!!!!!!!


Step 1: Circles

First draw a circle.

Step 2: Curve

Make a curve line going across about a centimeter from the horizontal middle.
curve it downward to make the chin....

Step 3: Eyes

Start with a small circle then make a lineconnected to the circle as shown...
then start to form the rest of the eyelash.

Step 4: Color

Then you will color the eye however you would like...
you should choose an appropriate color like:

Red (evil)
Gray Blue
or Brown.

I chose Blue because that's my eye color.

Step 5: Back to the Head...

go back to your head and paste the eyes on then make them smaller to match the size of an eyeball.

Then to start the nose you make a line and press the button to make it as thin as possible.

Step 6: Mouth and Finish Nose...

Make the rest of the nose by making a triangle using the line that you made in Step 5

Make a curve line to make the mouth shape it to your own desire to make it smile or frown.

Step 7: Hair

Make the hair line...

this is were the hair will form bangs or curve to the side...

Step 8: Make the Back Part of the Hair...

Make an outline with lines.

Step 9: Color and Erase...

Color in your picture and erase the extra bits you don't need...

You can go over the lines that were damaged in black...