Introduction: How to Draw Manga Eyes (two Ways)

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 Manga is Japanese art/comics. There are different variations on the style of drawing, but they all have the same way about them. In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how to make two different types of Manga eyes.

(I didn't draw this.)

Step 1: Materials

 You'll need a few things for this, including:
- A good pencil for drawing/sketching
- A good quality eraser for big erasing (If you don't have one on your pencil that's okay)
- A sketchbook/piece of paper
- A hard surface to work on
- A black colored pencil for outlining and details

Step 2: The Iris

Use your pencil. Start with a circle. It should be big enough for drawing inside, but not huge. Make the top a bit flat.

Step 3: The Top/bottom of Eye

 Then add the top and bottom of the eye. This part is hard to explain so I've added a good picture. Just make it thicker as you go, and add eyelashes at the end.

Step 4: The Highlights and Pupil

 Next, add two highlights. If you are drawing the right eye, add a highlight in the top right "corner" or area, and a smaller one in the bottom left "corner" or area. There should be room for a pupil in the middle of them. (If you are drawing the left eye, it's the opposite: Big one top left, small one bottom right.) Note: DO NOT FILL THEM IN. Leave them white.
The Pupil: Between the two highlights, color in a black pupil making it partially obscured by the larger highlight. (See picture)

Step 5: Shading

 What you want to do next, is shade the bottom and top of the eye. Below the pupil, add somewhat light lines. (You see these in real eyes, look at the picture if you don't know what it is that I'm talking about.) Then on top of the pupil, shade sorta dark. But not as dark as the pupil, you want to see the pupil. You can play around on your own how dark/light you shade, but this is a vague explanation. Shading is the part where you usually add a lot of your own touch.

Step 6: The Other Way

 This other way is going to be compressed into one step, and it is going to be less complete, as well as easier. (One picture, too.)
Start with two lines on top of each other. Complete the oval with two lines on the side. Inside the oval, make two highlights and shade the rest. Add details like eyelashes. You're done!!

Step 7: Don't Forget to Outline!

 Why did you need the black colored pencil? So you can outline! Just follow the picture to know where to trace/outline. Make sure to have a sort of thick black band around the iris. Enjoy!!

Tips: Keep the outlining simple, Use your own artistic touch.

(Thanks to Mark Crilley for showing me the basic shape so I could use my own skills on it!)