Introduction: How to Draw Mickey Mouse

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This is just for fun. It’s unlikely you’ll become a really successful animator because of this, so have fun and don’t make it perfect.

Materials : Pencil, eraser, any sort of paper

Time : about 15 minutes

Step 1: Head Shape

Lightly, draw a circle roughly the size of an orange.

Step 2: Guide Lines

Draw a line directly down the center of your circle and one directly across the middle. These are guide lines, and will be erases, so make them especially light.

Step 3: Nose Bridge

Draw a wide curve in the middle of your horizontal guide line.

Step 4: Nose

Under the curve, sketch an oval about the size of a grape to form Mickey’s nose.

Step 5: Cheeks

Starting in the middle of the horizontal guide line, draw a curved candy cane shape to form his cheeks. Do this on both sides.

Step 6: Chin

Draw a longer wide curve at the bottom of the circle. It should look like a smiley face’s mouth.

Step 7: Face Shape

Starting in the middle of your horizontal guide line and connecting to his cheek, draw a curved hump hitting the top of the circle and ending a little ways down the vertical guide line. Do this on both sides

Step 8: Smile Lines

Draw a small curve in his cheek to make his smile lines. Do this on both sides.

Step 9: Mouth

Connect the two smile lines with a long, curved line. Draw his mouth by making an upside down hump under the long curved line. It’s kind of like an upside down bell shape.

Step 10: Tongue

Draw his tongue by sketching two humps inside his mouth.

Step 11: Eyes

To make the eyes first make two long ovals next to each other above, but touching, his nose bridge. Inside those ovals, draw two smaller ovals for pupils.

Step 12: Ears

For his ears, draw a circle on either side of his head, half the size of your original circle.

Step 13: Shading

Fill in Mickey’s mouth and nose. Leave a white spot in the nose for some shine. Shade this in dark.

Step 14: Shading

Shade in head, ears, and pupils. Make his pupils especially dark so they pop.

Step 15: Finishing Touch

Finally, erase your guide lines. Darkly outline your drawing. Add your signature, and now you have just drawn your own Mickey Mouse. :)