Introduction: How to Draw Muscles and Body Structure

Torfirio Chapman


Muscles are what makes up the body and give it definition. Drawing muscles can be challenging like the hands and the facial expressions because of all the details of the muscles and the hands. Therefore, I’m going to teach you how to draw the body structure and muscles of the human male whether you’re a novice or an expert at drawing.

The supplies and materials that you will need are a pencil, pen, eraser, and obviously paper.

Here are the steps to draw it:

Step 1: Draw a Circle

Step 1: draw a circle to create the head

Step 2: Draw a Vertical Line

Step 2. Draw a vertical line from top to bottom in the middle of the head. The line at the bottom should pass the circle for the neck

Step 3: Add 2 Horizontal Lines in the Middle of the Head

Step 3: add 2 horizontal lines in the middle of the head

Step 4: Draw a Small Circle on the Bottom of the Vertical Line

Step 4: draw a small circle on the bottom of the vertical line

Step 5: Draw a Larger Oval Around the Small One Circle

Step 5: draw a larger oval around the small one circle

Step 6: Draw Triangle Shapes to Create the Trapezius Muscle

Step 6: draw triangle shapes to create the trapezius muscle

Step 7: Draw an Large Oval to Form the Chest Structure

Step 7: draw an large oval to form the chest structure

Step 8: Draw 2 Smaller Circles That Fit Into the Large Oval to Create the Pectoral Muscle

Step 8: draw 2 smaller circles that fit into the large oval to create the pectoral muscle

Step 9: Add 2 Horizontal Lines in the Middle of the Pectoral Muscles to Add Definition to the Chest

Sept 9: add 2 horizontal lines in the middle of the pectoral muscles to add definition to the chest

Step 10: Create the Abdominal Muscle, Known As the 6 Pack

Step 10: next, going to create the abdominal muscle, known as the 6 pack. Draw a vertical line and add 3 horizontal lines.

Step 11: Creating a “V” Shape to Create the Body Structure

Step 11: draw a large rectangle around the abdominal muscle creating a “V” shape to create the body structure.

Step 12: Create the Oblique Muscle

Step 12: To create the oblique muscle draw a teardrop on both sides of the body

Step 13: Draw a Circle to Make the Deltoid Muscle

Step 13: To create the arm, draw a circle to make the deltoid muscle, 2 long ovals to create the muscle in the forearm.

Step 14: Make a Triangle in Between the Deltoid and Forearm to Make the Tricep

Step 14: Make a triangle in between the deltoid and forearm to make the tricep

Step 15: Draw the Upper Leg Draw 2 Long Ovals to Create the Structure of the Thigh

Step 15: To draw the upper leg draw 2 long ovals to create the structure of the thigh, then fill in muscle with light lines going down the thigh, finally, add inner ovals for the quadriceps.

Step 16: Draw the Calf

Step 16: Last part is to draw the calf, draw an upside down raindrop and 2 smaller ovals to create the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. Put 2 lines in the middle of the 2 calf muscles.

Step 17: Tips

Make sure you do it with pencil lightly then you can either use pencil or pen just make sure it's dark.

You want to shade some parts of the body to show the muscles’ shadow.

Step 18: Conclusion

By learning with my step-by-step instructions, you will have a better understanding on how to draw the body’s structure and muscles of the human male. Usually, you will encounter problems like shadowing too light or too dark that the body looks disfigured. Some people won’t follow the directions and even skip steps. Some people might not use the right supplies. So with my guide, hopefully it will help you draw the male’s muscles of the body with the best of your ability.