Introduction: How to Draw Peace Mario!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw the Peace Mario? Well, if so, you are in luck! This instructable will include pictures and steps to help you to draw an awesome Peace  Mario!

Any type of paper
Markers, Crayons, or Colored Pencils
Sharpie (or any other black pen)

Step 1: Step One- the Face!

Draw the shape of Mario's face like the picture.

Step 2: Step Two- the Ears!

Add the ears to the sides of the face. Inside each ears, add two little lines shaped like a sideways V.

Step 3: Step Three- the Hat and Eyebrows!

Draw the top of the head by starting at the top of one ear and make a  half of an oval shape to the other ear. Then, draw a line directly underneath the top of the hat to make the peak. On the bottom line of the peak, draw two thick eyebrow shapes. Make sure that the eyebrows aren't touching or too close.

Step 4: Step Four- the Hair and Mario's M!

Draw the side burns of Mario's hair starting at the bottom line of the peak and going half way down the ear to the lines in the ear. To add the M symbol on the hat, draw a half circle in the middle of the hat and add a capital M inside it.

Step 5: Step Four- Eyes,Nose, Mustache, and Mouth!

Nose- Draw a small circle in the center of the face.
Eyes- Add two small oval shapes connecting from the nose. Inside eyes, add the small line and then the black pupils. The pupils always look best with two small white dots inside.
Mustache-Draw a thick curvy mustache like the one pictured underneath the nose.
Mouth-Draw a half oval/circle shape connecting from the mustache. Leave a white space on the top of the mouth for the teeth, and add a toungue on the bottom.

Step 6: Step Six- Overalls!

Draw two strips connecting from the "grooves" on Mario's face, right before the chin. Inside the strips (on the bottoms), add small circles for the buttons with little lines in them. Draw a curved line connecting the two strips. Then, Add a very small curved line on the left side of the first strip and add a triangle shape at the end. Next, draw the pant legs like pictured, and include the line above where the pant legs meet for the stomach. Also, add a line going straight up next to the right strip. Make sure that the bottom of the pant legs are curved.

Step 7: Step 7- Arms and Hands for the Shirt.

To add the left arm, draw a straight line up to about the ear. Then, draw a curved line to the ear. On the right side, go a little bit up past the right strip and draw a curved line connecting from Mario's cheek to the outside of his overalls.

To add the peace sign hand, draw the hand like shown in the picture. Make sure that his thumb is connected to the top of his ear.

Step 8: Step Eight-Shoes!

Draw small peanut shaped shoes on the bottom of the pant legs. Add a rim to the shoes as shown.

Step 9: Step Nine- Outlining!

Outline each part of Mario's body with a marker slightly darker than the color you are going to color with next. Also, color in the peak of the hat, both eyes, the tongue, and the buttons all the way with the markers.

Here are the colors each body part should be:

Hat: Red
Hair: Brown
Skin: White/tan
Eyes: Light blue
Overalls:Sky blue
Buttons: Yellow
Shirt: Red
Shoes: Brown
Glove/hand: White

Step 10: Last Step-Coloring!

Color in all of Mario's body with a color slightly lighter than the marker you chose to outline with. Refer to the colors in step 9.
Remember not to color in the M symbol circle on Mario's hat, and also his glove/hand. challenge

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