Introduction: How to Draw Pikachu! # Hercules2016

Soooooo, you wanna draw a Pikachu huh? Well good! Here's what ya need.

• A drawing utensil (pencil, pen, etc.)
• A canvas (paper, wall, floor)

Step 1: The Body.

First things first, you'll need to draw the basic shape of Pikachu's body. It simple really.

Step 2: Arms and Feet.

Use Tackle! Oh, wait, you have to arms or feet to move! Let's draw some shall we? They're pretty simple to draw for the most part.

Step 3: The Tail.

Use Iron Tail! But of course, you actually need a tail first! Time to draw in Pikachu's trademark lightning bolt tail! Also, color in the tips of his ears while you're at it!

Step 4: Facial Features.

Use Charm! But not without a face or course! Time to draw in Pikachu's happy face. Don't forget his cheeks!

Step 5: Color and Complete!

That's it! You have now completed you Pikachu! Now color it in however you like and enjoy!