Introduction: How to Draw Stitch

Here's how to draw stitch playing the guitar! Hope you enjoy and try it soon!


- Piece of Paper (or whatever you plan on drawing on)

- Pencil or Pen (preferably pencil so you can erase if you make mistakes)

- Colored Pencils or Crayons or Markers (optional)

Step 1:

- Start the drawing by drawing a rough outline of the head and ears.

Step 2:

- Decide on the shape of the head and add the eye and nose shapes, including a little bit of texture on the forehead

Step 3:

- Draw in the eyes and add detail to the nose and beneath it

Step 4:

- Draw the left side of Stitch and the base of the guitar

Step 5:

- Draw the other half of the guitar and add more detail to the left side of the body

Step 6:

- Draw the right side of the body supporting it against the guitar in the drawing

Step 7:

- Finish the drawing by making the lines finer and adding a little bit of shading here and there