Introduction: How to Draw a 2 Point Perspective House

With this i will show you how to draw a basic house in a 2 point perspective. This is a tutorial for someone with little drawing experience and wants to learn how to draw an image that simulates depth of field.

Step 1: What Tools You Need

For this drawing, you will only need a ruler/straight edge, a pencil, and a paper.

Step 2: Draw Your Vanishing Points

The crutch of a 2 point perspective is to recognize your vanishing point to which all lines will follow. What that means is there will be 2 imaginary points that when drawing a line horizontally on the paper will always be lines up towards the direction of said point. To represent this we will draw an X at the middle point of both sides of the paper. They do not need to be exactly even or even in the middle but it is always best to keep them in relatively the same location.

Step 3: Draw to the Vanishing Point

We will start with drawing the bottom of the house, find a spot on the paper somewhere around the middle and then place a dot there. Once placed line the ruler up with the X on the side of the paper and trace a line to it, do this for twice, one for each X. You don't want to draw all the way to the X just as long as the ruler is lined up with it and your point then you are good.

Step 4: Create a Upper Line

Once both lines have been drawn, from the middle point draw a straight line up. From the top of the line, connect to the vanishing points from both sides like you have done your bottom. For drawing a house its generally better to make one side have a shorter width than the other to make it look more rectangular in shape, you may chose whichever side you want to be shorter, for mine i chose the left and reduced it to being about 6 cm in length. Connect your bottom and top lines by drawing a vertical line upwards to close the shape like a box.

Be warned not to draw the vertical line too far up as the perspective of a drawing can change drastically be doing so.

Step 5: Drawing the Roof

To make your roof go to the shorter line you drew and find the halfway point between the middle point and the end point of the line that you chose in the last step. Once you have found the halfway point simply draw a vertical line that goes upward past the top line you drew in your previous step. Make a small little point and enclose the shape with a triangle like in the picture above. This step does not require the use of the vanishing points.

Be warned do not draw your roof too far above the upper line as it can potentially throw off the perspective. I only placed my line about a centimeter and a half above the upper line. This tutorial is made so that you should be able to see the roof tiles but if placed too far above that angle will be impossible.

Step 6: Finishing the Roof

From the top part of your triangle shape you just drew, line the ruler up with the vanishing point farthest from it and draw a connecting line that ends just before the house ends.Draw a simple little angled line to close off the shape and simulate an angle for the whole roof.

Step 7: Draw a Curb

To make the house seem less floaty we will draw a curb right below it. Match up a small vertical line below the bend in the house, but dont make it too big. From there connect lines to the vanishing points for both the top and bottom parts of this new line. This time you can extend the lines all the way to the vanishing points themselves since its meant to continue on infinitely to simulate scale. I placed my point about 3 centimeters below the corner of the house.

Step 8: Make a Door

This can be placed wherever you like, but for me personally i felt it was more suitable on the smaller side of the house lined up in the middle then dab a point a little bit above. Line that point up with the vanishing point and start your line a small bit away from the middle point (in the direction farther from the vanishing point) then draw a very small line towards the vanishing point.

Step 9: Decorate the Image.

To make the house look more organic place any amount of windows or decoration of your choosing, just remember if you ever draw something like a window to always angle the horizontal lines with the vanishing points to keep consistency with the rest of the image.

Step 10:

With this you should have a basic 2 point perspective drawing of a house. If done correctly it should look as though it simulates distance with things gradually getting smaller as it retreats further back in the image.