How to Draw a Basic Mandala

Introduction: How to Draw a Basic Mandala

In this tutorial I show you, step by step, with detailed pictures, how to draw a mandala, learning through the article how to draw a mandala grid, how to draw mandala basic shapes and how to draw patterns

You can also check the following link to watch the video tutorial

Step 1: Draw a Mandala Grid

Start by drawing your Mandala grid

1- Mark the center of your A5 paper

2- Trace a vertical line and a horizontal line crossing the center

3- Trace four circles with the following radii: 2 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm, and 6 cm

4- Trace grid lines equally separated by 10 degrees

Step 2: Fill the Mandala Grid With Basic Shapes

1- Fill the first circle with double pointed petals, drawing each petal on 2 grid sections.

2- Trace arc petals on each grid section of the second circle

3- Trace regular petals on each 2 grid sections of the third circle, then draw one tear drop between each two petals

4- Draw a pointed petal on each 2 grid sections of the last circle

Step 3: Fill the Shapes With Patterns

1- draw small circles at the top of each arc petal

2- fill the regular petals with tear drop leaves

3- trace a double pointed tear drop between each 2 pointed petal on the last circle

4- Finally, erase the lines of the grid.

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