Introduction: How to Draw a Cartoon Baseball Player

This tutorial is a quick way to learn how to draw a cartoon baseball player whether for a picture, child art class or just a doodle when you are bored!

Step 1: Sketch Out the Body

With pencil, lightly sketch out the body of your baseball player. This is completely unique to you. Do you want him to be thin, tall, short, chubby?

Step 2: Add the Players Features

Begun adding the players features. (Eyes, nose, mouth, ears) . Also in this step you can add the baseball hat. Look at the picture for guidance on a front view baseball hat.

Step 3: Also...

Your player can be any gender you please! Easily make a girl by adding a ponytail, pig tails, or braids to your player.

Step 4: The Clothes

When drawing a baseball players clothes, start by doing an easy classic baseball top and pants. While doing this, begun to darken your likes you know are staying in your picture. After this, you can add numbers to the jersey, logos, etc.

Step 5: The Little Details to Make Him a Baseball Player.

Add the baseball bat! My guy is holding his over his shoulder. Notice how a cartoon baseball bat looks like a wiffleball bat. Use this for reference when drawing the bat.

Step 6: The Glove!

The glove does not have to be very intricate for a cartoon. Just add little likes that can serve and a gloves leather binding and you're good to go!

Step 7: All the Other Details.

Add other details like his/her socks and spikes on his/her cleats!

Step 8: Outline in Black

When you are all done and ready from coloring...stop! Outline your picture in black to make it look nicer and cleaner than before!

Step 9: Finally...the Fun Part.

When everything is outlined and ready to go..time for some color. You can choose any colors you want to make it unique to you! Whether it is your school colors, famous baseball teams or you just like the colors, pick what is best for you :)