Introduction: How to Draw a Cat

Looking to tap into your more creative side? The following steps are a demonstration on how to draw a cute, simple cat.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

Paper and any kind of writing utensil is required.

Step 2: Begin Drawing the Cat's Body.

Draw a vertical, slightly curved line. Then, draw a second curved line, directly opposite the first one, like closing a parentheses.

Step 3: Draw the Cat's Head.

Draw a circle between the curved lines, connecting a point on the bottom left of the circle to the top of the left-most curved line, and the bottom right of the circle to the top of the right-most curved line.

Step 4: Draw the Cat's Ears.

Draw a small triangle on the top left of the circle, and another small triangle on the top right of the circle.

Step 5: Draw the Cat's Paws.

Draw a vertically elongated "U," toward the left side, running from the bottom of the cat's body to about the middle of the body. Repeat this step, now drawing the "U" toward the right side of the body.

Step 6: Draw the Cat's Tail.

Draw the cat's tail, creating a curved, worm-like shape towards the bottom of the cats body on the side of your choosing.

Step 7: Draw the Cat's Eyes.

Draw two small circles for eyes inside the cat's head.

Step 8: Draw the Cat's Nose.

Draw a small triangle in the middle of the cat's head.

Step 9: Draw the Cat's Mouth

Add a small curved line coming out of the nose, similar to a hook shape, or a "J." Then, add another curved line facing opposite the vertical line of the first hooked line, with the horizontal component of the line facing the opposite direction of the first.

Step 10: Draw the Cat's Whiskers.

Draw three lines on one side of the cat's face, one diagonally positioned upward, one horizontally positioned, and one diagonally positioned downward. Repeat this on the other side of the cat's face.

Step 11: Add Details.

Add details to make your cat unique! This can include but is not limited to lines, spots or patches on the cat, claws on the cat's paws, or anything you feel may fit your own interpretation of the cat you are drawing.